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G*O*D synthesized, better than Soma
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Learn how to use your own ecstatic-receptors to achieve religious ecstasy without religiomania, to achieve the peace that passeth understanding without a lobotomy.

Forthcoming work will be published in the Journal of Evangelistic Studies, Utopiates, and Soteriology (JESUS)

yomarkos, Jul 04 2000

God that is real. http://www.halfbake...20that_20is_20real.
[jutta, Jul 04 2000]

G*O*D Synthesized! http://www.wizzards...lworden/a&d/god.htm
[yomarkos, Jul 04 2000]

Be somebody else http://www.jmincorporated.com/
Yeah, it could happen [thumbwax, Jul 04 2000]

Real Soma http://www.drugstor...rch%2Easp&drug=Soma
Soma's now a real drug. It's a muscle relaxant. [clynne, Jul 04 2000]


       I'm beginning to wish the same myself.
StarChaser, Jul 05 2000

       clynne, please stick long URLs into a link, not into an annotation, they mess up the layout otherwise...   

       (Plus, if you use the link format, people can actually click through...)
jutta, Jul 05 2000

       I take it you're not a Gush fan either. You like Bore?
thumbwax, Sep 29 2000

       My pop does, religiously.
thumbwax, Sep 30 2000


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