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Feels like Friday

Psychoactive drug that produces a "this sure feels like a Friday" feeling.
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I've noticed, over years, that some days, for whatever reason, feel like Friday even though they are not. Sure, there are those days that feel like Mondays or other days of the week but I most often sense non-Friday "feels like Friday" days.

This sensation is by no means unique to me as I have often heard others declare a non-Friday day to feel like a Friday. Odder yet, I have noticed that often several people will make an identical comment on a non-Friday day so that it appears to me as a phenomenon not limited to one individual but felt by many people at once. A subtle mass-hallucination?

I don't know why this happens but I can easily imagine, and propose, an engineered drug that evokes this feeling or something very similar in those people who have consumed the drug. Perhaps it's an SSRI-like class of drug mixed with another compound that produces mild euphoria or even a slight anxiety simulating anticipation. Not having a great knowledge of how psychoactive drugs are engineered or even how they work means I cannot describe much detail or specific attributes and workings a drug must have to yield these desired effects so, I ask for the reader's forgiveness for not knowing how to explain those parts of the invention. These functions are, of course, the gist of the invention and without their workings explained the idea stands rather hollow.

Yes, the feeling may not be perfectly authentic but I think it may be pleasant and novel enough that it would find a following.

I'm sure it'd probably end up as a schedule 1 narcotic in the US.

bristolz, Sep 21 2005


       I believe there's a drug-free way to do this. Just add a colored light to the light fixtures in an office, say green. This light is scheduled to only come on during fridays, giving everything a very slightly green tint. Before long, everyone will subconciously connect this slightly green tone with Friday. When the office is a little bit down or unexcited the green light can be slowly turned on during a non-Friday, which should perk up the office immediately.   

       Of course, a drug for this would certainly be more fun.
Worldgineer, Sep 21 2005

       Clinical trials were recently conducted. Unfortunately, a significant sample felt "Feels like a Monday" on the day after.
normzone, Sep 21 2005

       Of course, maybe it'd be a drug that you took all the time except for those days you wanted to feel like Friday.
bristolz, Sep 21 2005

       I'm on that one. Or rather will be as soon as I don't want it to feel like friday.
Worldgineer, Sep 21 2005

       I can't believe it's only Wednesday. *sigh* Give me the drugs.
Machiavelli, Sep 21 2005

       //it appears to me as a phenomenon not limited to one individual but felt by many people at once. A subtle mass-hallucination?// There is a one in seven chance of having the feeling that it is Friday - with a big enough group of people it is inevitable you will get a few like that any one time.
Of course with so many people having the feeling that it is Friday - it shouldn't be so hard to find subjects for blood tests to discover the Friday hormone.
fridge duck, Sep 22 2005

       Feeling like Friday is very depressing if you know it's not. It's a sure way into "cabin fever" - or even worse, "small continent fever" (apologies to Pat McManus). However, if it has the effect of sending me off home a couple of hours early, I'm all for it.
lurch, Sep 22 2005

       Yes, if I felt that it was Friday and it actually wasn't, I might not do important tasks and just put them off to the weekend.
discontinuuity, Sep 23 2005

       With two more fridays it'd be a happy week.   

       you forget that these kinds of drugs have one big problem - habituation. Sure, you'd get the friday feel for a couple of months in a row. But soon enough you become a friday junkie and you'll have to take 20 pills on friday just to feel like it's thursday. You'll be on the street begging for spare change: "Man ... Please!... even a penny ... just enough to get me through to the next day ... I've been stuck in thursday for 4 days now!" (only ... it's a friday and the people are too busy hurring home to care)   

       Remember, without pain (monday) there is no pleasure (friday)
ixnaum, Sep 23 2005

       <tenting furiously>   

       "Oh my God! ..I'm turning into a gay Robinson Crusoe! Damn that Feel Like Friday drug to hell!"   

       <tenting furiously/>
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 23 2005

       Not Mondays for me, but Sundays. Oh, how I hate them! Staring down upon me, breathing despair across the gulf of days and tarnishing what precious pleasure I can salvage before the inevitable terminus of the temporal train. What grey bleakness of the soul awaits behind Saturday, time dripping slowly from one tragic end of the day to the other, eroding infinitesimally my mind in each agonizing second.   

       If hell had a calendar, all days would surely be marked: Sunday.
Detly, Sep 23 2005

       Hey - it IS Friday now for most of us. The only people still waiting for it are those in Alaska, Hawaii, and Croissant Island (sure, there are probably a few in California, but they will be joining the 'Friday Club' in a few minutes).
sleeka, Sep 23 2005

       Detly, take that back! Sunday is the king of days, when one need never get out of bed and can watch all the day time tv they desire.
fridge duck, Sep 24 2005

       Bah. Magic drug. Can't be too soon.
reensure, Sep 24 2005

       bris, if words were magic, and the bakery had some sort of whacko power, I would want your idea to come to fruition.   

       But the day I miss most, and want, is Sunday.   

       Hence we need your med to be in doses of particular days, not mgs, or IU's.   

       Your Fridays, are my Mondays. My Sundays are anothers Thursdays.
blissmiss, Sep 25 2005

       Don't go and try and change the subject!
blissmiss, Sep 25 2005

       There is definitely going to being a country-related understanding problem with this one. I have no idea what the "best" day is in many countries.   

       I can only speak for guys in the U.S.A. For much of the year, it seems that Thursday/Friday/Saturday are the *happy* days. But for a few months (August through January), when NFL football is on, it kind of changes here - suddenly there is a two day shift, and Saturday/Sunday/Monday becomes the favorite days for many. Saturday is the day many have off and can start partying and talking about how great their team will do, Sunday is the day most games are played (of the U.S. population, apparently 100+ million watch some professional football, and another 50+ million are their girlfriends/wives - so it ends up being over half our population), and then Monday normally has key <Monday Night Football> games, which most people watch as well.   

       Probably substantially different than the rest of the world. Sorry, just looking forward to some great NFL games today
sleeka, Sep 25 2005

       Auugh! You've subverted--besmirched--my idea. ;-)
bristolz, Sep 25 2005

       the best kind.
po, Sep 25 2005

       That sounded gross, Mr. T, even for you.   

       I wish it were Friday so we could all start over and let bris have her idea back.
blissmiss, Sep 25 2005

       I can certainly remove my post. I did not mean it to stain a great idea - I was only thinking about my own needs, and lots of NFL games. Damn my boyish mind.   

       Sorry [bristolz].
sleeka, Sep 25 2005

       The ;-) indicates a certain degree of jocularity on my part. No worries.
bristolz, Sep 25 2005

       I just remembered...Fridays suck.
blissmiss, Sep 25 2005

       I think the best part about firdays is that you don't have to come in to work the next day. I have thursdays off and I get the same euphoria on a wednesday as I do on a friday. If you worked every other day you might get a watered-down sense of this.   

       Or, if everyday you worked was a payday then that might evoke some bliss.   

       I can assure you it would ;-)
blissmiss, Sep 26 2005

       Ah, [bristolz]. Yes, the Friday phenomena is very real.
normzone, Jan 29 2013


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