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General Economics Novel International Experiment
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GENIE was conceptualized 20 years ago, before the web, when 'relational database' was only in the vocabulary of a relative few: You list up to three personal wishes on the GENIE website, no matter what they might be. You also list in good faith at least three personal capabilities (or multiples of one capability) that you can and will provide to grant anyone else's wishe. The administrators of GENIE work with the relational database, much like a matchmaking service. Wishes could range from the mundane to the profane, from the whimsical to the musical. Wishes you fulfill, or do your part in fulfilling, credit your account. Wishes you are granted debit your account. Rub the website and step back!
grandhog, Nov 28 2000

Free for All http://www.geocitie...spool/listings.html
Barter pool in L.A. [J Vander, Nov 13 2006]


       And you use these credits to pay for your wishes?   

       Sounds like online classifieds.
egnor, Nov 29 2000

       I tried to do something like this once... but I just tried to grant wishes. Go to the link to read about how I got the name "futurebird" (it's related to this)   

       ahhh I can't find the link. I'll just post the text:   

       Two years ago I decided to play a kind of internet prank. I was feeling so depressed that I thought the only thing I could do is try to make other people happy. But who knows what a person needs to feel happy? I had to have a way of finding out what people wanted. So I got a hotmail account. When I picked the name I decided that for one I'd have a handle that I really liked. I always wanted a really cool beautiful sounding handle but I never thought I deserved one. People would be like "who does she think she is?" But no one would know it was me. It was okay. I could pick whatever I wanted. So I made up my ultimate name "futurebird" because the future is the only place that there might be any hope and birds, unlike me, can fly. futurebird@hotmail.com emailed random people I'd say about 300 individually tailored to whatever I could find out about the person from the net. Some I knew some I didn't. I always asked the same question. "I will try my best to grant one wish for you. What do you want?" I got quiet a few replies. Some I couldn't grant . . . like the people who asked for loads of money. I referred them to the best financial information sites I could find and apologised saying it was the best I could do. Others asked for small things. A pizza (bought by phone and delivered) a person who would always respond to their emails I still respond when asked) a girlfriend (by a twist of fate granted as well) Chaos ensued when some of the people at my university found out it had been me. My spelling errors gave me away. I deleted all the mail in the hotmail box and posted the password to the account to a bboard. Within a few hours the password had changed and the bird was dead. When I joined everything I had to pick a name again. I figured since so many people knew the bird was me I'd just go on and use the name. I don't grant wishes any more and I'm still depressed. Oh and I broke up with the guy. The end.
futurebird, Jul 29 2001

       <hugs> Was a nice idea, anyway. No good deed goes unpunished, though.   

       Grandhog, I like this idea. Might be possible with Cold Fusion <he says airily, not really knowing if CF can do this sort of thing, but knowing that it's a database system of some sort...>
StarChaser, Aug 04 2001

       This makes me think of the Free for All group in L.A. (see link). It's not exactly wish fulfillment, but it's a more workable system than a regular barter pool. There are no credits. You simply list what you're willing to do and how many hours per week, then people make appts. You commit to honor conforming requests up to that many hours. In exchange you can make as many appts with as many others in the system as you like. No limits, but you might have to wait several weeks for a person who's popular or can't commit much time. Admin's only job is to respond to compaints. A very simple and workable system that could be replicated anywhere.   

       For a great random act of kindness, go to Amazon.com and ship someone a book off their wishlist.
J Vander, Nov 13 2006


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