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GPS delivery

products are not delivered to your home, but rather to you, a GPS-carrying individual
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Sure, you don't need your recent purchases from Land's End put right into the palm of your hands (I just gotta have that shirt NOW!), but certain food items, car repairs, call girls (I am always so far from the nearest brothel), taxi orders, etc. are not really useful to you if they are delivered to your home and you're not there. With a handy GPS device, soon to be owned by all tech-savvy individuals, you can get your General Tso's Chicken in a heartbeat. Plus, for kicks, you can play games with the delivery boy, requiring him to engage in high-speed chases across LA freeways.
ofersh, Jul 31 2000


       I like the idea but the privacy aspect makes me nervous, I wouldn't want my mother in law to be able to find me whenever she wanted.
fence, Aug 01 2000

       Privacy could be maintained, given an anonymous payment system. No one need know `who' the delivery is taking place to, merely `where' it is to take place.
Mickey the Fish, Sep 04 2000

       I would use this to buy books. I'm always getting way too excited about coming home to get my books. And then instead of reading them on the train I just stay up all night and go to work all groggy ...
futurebird, Jul 14 2001


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