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GPS enabled Two-way radio

GPS Enabled Analog Fire/Police grade Two-way radio
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The idea is actually fairly simple. Take the idea of the traditional rugged two-way radio used by fire and police units, particularly the handheld units, and implement a built-in GPS system where through some mode of trigger, it'll broadcast it's position either in Morse code over the analog frequencies or a modulated digital signal in sideband. Include that with a programmable unit # to identify personnel.

Upon further thought, possibly have both transmission methods be automatic if the unit is not actually used in a certain range of time (5, 10, 15 minutes with no key-up, etc.. and it'll automatically start broadcasting it's position in Morse and modulated digital at regular intervals in an emergency)

While current Nextel walkie-talkie phones are capable of something like this with the advantage of being completely digital anyway, most police and fire departments are still using old analog trunked equipment where this could come in handy.

Or, if you want a TRULY foolproof setup, automatic constant GPS position and unit # broadcast on a modulated sideband back to the central base station where the position of every connected unit can easily be plotted on a map up to the second.

cr08, Sep 05 2008


       I have Garmin GPS radios that do this. They are waterproof, and reasonably durable. I also saw this same idea on Beyond Tomorrow as a present radio used by the British Police, so I think this is pretty baked.
MisterQED, Sep 05 2008

       Why Morse code? If the idea is that it will be human interpretable as well as computer readable, text-to-speech embedded processors cost less than $8. Use one of them to send the sound over the wire, and at the same time, broadcast the position digitally.   

       I wonder if your original intent was to use this to possibly locate distressed firefighters in a building? If so, GPS will not work - it lacks the resolution and rarely works indoors (unless the roof has burned up).
ericscottf, Sep 05 2008


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