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GSM SIM form-factor chip-and-PIN card

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What it says in the title.

Very small. Can be carried on a keyring. Smaller than an SD card. Numbers laser etched onto surface.

Needs an adapted physical reader (or a "full-size" carrier card, which are Baked) but uses the same software etc.

Also supports NF contactless payments.

8th of 7, Aug 24 2011


       It would be very easy to lose. However, if you opted instead for the micro-SIM format, you could have the thing laminated onto one of your incisors, and make payments simply by biting the reader.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 24 2011

       I would quite like this embedded in a ring, so you press your fist into the card reader.   

       The problem would be getting a good connection to the pins for the duration of the transaction. The only viable solution I can see to this is to have the card reader shaped like a gargoyle whose teeth clamp down onto the ring when inserted and only release once the correct pin has been entered.
mitxela, Aug 24 2011

       Not a gargoyle: a lion's head, like the one in Rome, where you put your hand in its mouth, and make a statement, and, if you lie, it bites your hand off: "I swear there is money in this account to cover the transaction" "I solemnly attest I am the owner of this vehicle" ... chomp. "Aieee! call a doctor!"
mouseposture, Aug 25 2011


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