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Internet Credit Card Swiper

Used for more secure online credit card transactions
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When you pay for something with a credit card in a store they swipe your card in a machine that is hooked up to a network with the credit card companies where the transaction is automatically executed. My idea is to make a machine like those that you could buy and hook up to your computer so when you make an online purchase you simply swipe your own card and the transaction goes through without you having to give some strange web company your credit card information.
DrLix, May 27 2003

(?) Baked http://home4.americ...payments/splash.asp
American Express sent me one of these. Never used it. [Worldgineer, Oct 21 2004]


       //the transaction goes through without you having to give some strange web company your credit card//
That part is baked: it is called PayPal.
krelnik, May 27 2003

       All card readers do is to read the card number, name, and expiry date electronically. As of yet, your average credit card doesn't have much else on it than that. So a device like this would be pretty much redundant when a keyboard can fill out the information with no extra hardware needed.   

       Throw in software that'll automatically fill in your online forms (Mozilla will do this), and the process becomes even easier.   

       Sooner or later, with smarter cards, a device like this will be neccessary. Just not now.   

       Sawwy. -
rapid transit, May 27 2003

       not needed if you use the approval process whereby the merchant provides THEIR banking information and you use a proprietary interface to link you to YOUR bank.   

       Then, your bank sends the merchant's bank their money directly.
subflower, Nov 17 2005


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