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This is a personal unit of measure, ranging from 1-4.

The next time you are in a class that's beyond your current attention or comprehension, or in a new situation, with a mentor machine-gunning you with background info, or in a discussion on global economics.....

Simply say :
"1-GET" = go faster, you're boring me.
"2-GET" = just about right. Keep it up
"3-GET" = you might want to slow down a bit, I'm losing some of this
"4-GET" = You may as well stop, as I'm done/full/ and not going to remember any more

Why? Because sometimes, the speaker is not always able to see your actual eyes, or is not able to pickup such subtle, but necessary feedback.

sophocles, Sep 06 2005

Larson Image embedded in a Power Point Presentation http://tricare.osd....fa/Accrual_Fund.ppt
Last Page or so - “Mr.Osborne, may I be excused? My brain is full.” ... Note there's also a good image for the [Pa've]'s Pedestrian Catapult. I'm quite impressed actually. The author's obviously tried to make the contents fun and interesting ! [Dub, Sep 06 2005]


       "5-GET" = FIFO kicked in.
Shz, Sep 06 2005

       Just right should be 1, not 2.
jutta, Sep 06 2005

       Yay, 4-GET... I get it.
david_scothern, Sep 06 2005


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