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Grocery Shrink-Ray Units of Measurement

More convenient ways of referring to shrunken units
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Due to rising production costs, many groceries aren't manufactured in the pint/quart/liter sizes they used to be, but now often come in awkward reductions such as "14 oz" or "0.75 liters".

I propose the following new standard units to refer to these:

1 petite pint = 14 fl oz
1 short quart = 28 fl oz
1 efficiency gallon = 4 short quarts

1 skimpy dozen = 11 pieces

Metric prefixes: append "s" for "scanty", e.g.
1 scantiliter (sl) = 0.75 liter
1 scantigram (sg) = 0.75 gram
1 scanticentimeter (scm) = 0.75 centimeter

1 recession cup = 0.8 cups
1 recession teaspoon = 0.8 teaspoons
1 recession tablespoon = 3 recession teaspoons

1 optimized square inch (osq. in.) = 1 circular inch = 0.7854 square inches

phundug, May 08 2012


       Somebody needs to be accountable for the shrinkage, and to help us to understand the new sizes. It's frustrating. A can of tuna used to make enough for 2 or more sandwiches. Today, you get one measly one.
blissmiss, May 08 2012

       I think the US has already baked this. Their gallon is only 3.78 litres, as opposed to the old Imperial gallon of 4.54 litres. Hey! You Yanks! You're getting ripped off already!
UnaBubba, May 08 2012

       //one measly one//   

       1 measly one (mo.) = 0.754
phundug, May 09 2012

       This is gonna make life awkward in the pet industry... "I'll have 0.82 cats, please."
UnaBubba, May 09 2012

       A manx cat?
AusCan531, May 09 2012

       Today only! 18% off everything!
UnaBubba, May 09 2012


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