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Galvanic Mouse

Galvanic skin response meter and mouse combined
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Self explanatory. With market research companies trying ever harder to conduct consumer surveys through the internet, this device would aid them in predicting spending habits, voting trends, response to new products, etc. Sometimes referred to as a lie detector, for the purposes of the halfbakery, it could serve as a lol detector. Along with fish bones and croissants, the laugh'o'meter would provide analysts with scientific data for statistical research.
ty6, Sep 01 2002

Touch-sensing mice http://research.mic...s/touch-sensing.pdf
[dragice, May 28 2007]


       Cue Card
thumbwax, Sep 01 2002

       This would measure _something_ - mostly the pressure with which someone grips their mouse - but I'm not sure how that would aid in predicting voting habits etc.   

       Fishbone for using galvanic skin response as magic technology.
jutta, Sep 01 2002


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