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Mouse with logarithmic mode

Jump faster
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Sometimes you want to move fast in a document. Instead of clicking and holding down scrollbars or flipping pages, or tirelessly spinning the mousewheel, just add a logarithmic mode (either a button or a second wheel).
django, Jan 27 2011

JUCE Demo http://sourceforge....rebuilt%20binaries/
Take a look at the Widgets demo page of the JuceDemo application (Win/OSX/Linux/iOS and Android on its way) [Dub, Jan 27 2011]

Fitt's Law http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Fitts%27s_law
It's logarithmically delicious [rmutt, Jan 30 2011]


       Wouldn't this be "exponential"?   

       Some long menus seem to do this (they scroll slowly at first, then faster and faster), but this is in the software, not the mouse.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 27 2011

       My mouse already has this. If you click and hold down the spinny wheel you can use the mouse to drag the page around, and if you drag it to the bottom of the page it will scroll down at a rate that varies from indetectably slow to graphics-card-meltingly fast.
DIYMatt, Jan 27 2011

       This is what mice already do - they vary the amount of cursor movement or scrolling based on how fast you're moving them. So, if I move my mouse slowly, moving it all the way across my mousepad will get the cursor about three quarters of the way across the screen, whereas if I move it fast, moving it a quarter of the way across the mousepad gets the cursor all the way across the screen.
hippo, Jan 27 2011

       Not quite the same, but you might find this interesting: JUCE (an excellent C++ cross-platform development library) allows something like this - Mouse control can be relative - Meaning if a contol is adjusted slowly, it moves in fine detail - and when swiped quickly, adjusts things in coarse-detail. {Linky}
Dub, Jan 27 2011

       Mine is like [DIYMatt]'s, mostly. It has a center scroll wheel. If I click it like a button, a target appears in the screen, and the further away I move the arrow from the mouse, the faster everything slides in that direction. (I've been wanting this idea for one site, and forgot I had that feature.) (It's a LogiTech IntelliMouse.)
baconbrain, Jan 27 2011

       I think you get this (in windoze) if you check the 'enhance precision' checkbox in the mouse control panel dialog.. at least for mouse motion, i dont know about the scrollwheel
afinehowdoyoudo, Jan 28 2011

       Seems like I should buy a new mouse, as the desired function might already be there.
django, Jan 28 2011

       It could simply be dead. We could stage a funeral, but it won't help your grieving much.
daseva, Jan 28 2011

       [afinehowdoyoudo], on my mouse (with a standard XP mouse driver IIRC), if I press the mouse wheel when pointing to a scroll bar the mouses movement acts as you describe, but for smooth-scrolling any document. It doesn't take much to move the mouse such that the text, more-or-less, scrolls at your reading speed.
Dub, Jan 29 2011

       My mouse is stuck.
pashute, Jan 31 2011

       Cursor acceleration curves are generally an operating system feature. [django], I think you would like using a mouse on a Mac more than using a mouse on Windows.   

       I recently bought a Logitech MX Master mouse, which is excellent, and it has an acceleration curve (either in the mouse itself or in the companion software, not sure) that is more Mac-like, which I like a lot. It also has a scroll wheel that can be set to rotate freely when you flick it quickly, which is kinda like this but for scrolling. That's in hardware, though, so it confuses software that isn't expecting to be scrolled like that sometimes.   

       And for everyone talking about pressing the middle button and moving the cursor, that's called autoscroll. Now you can look it up.
notexactly, Jan 03 2016


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