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Finally the blind can get into the game
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Don't get me wrong. Radio announcers can do a good job of describing the plays, but the blind person can only wonder. With this technology, they can really get a "feel" for the game. First get indicators for players in the field. Infrared, radio, something small and inconspicuous. Next, send the signal to a live relief map with the same dimensions as the field. The ball/puck/whatever also is tracked, and the blind can feel where the players are and where the ball is going. Could also transmit over radio, so any blind person anywhere would be able to feel the game in action. Players might be distinguished with one bump for home, two bumps for visitor, and an X for the ball. Lines to indicate field boundaries, markings, goals, etc. You could press a player/bump and get their stats (in braille) in a window next to the field.
ophello, Sep 27 2005


       Nice, really nice!
phundug, Sep 28 2005


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