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sport team contraction

...for the good of the sport!
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The New York Yankees win the World Series...again! Manchester United wins the Champions League...again! Bayern München wins the Bundesliga...again! The L.A. Lakers win the NBA title...again!

Tired of seeing the "same old teams" in title games, year after year? Dissolve them after three consecutive titles, distribute their talent to the remaining teams in the league and then reconstitute the club, forcing these juggernauts to start from scratch again. This would give the Minnesota Twins, the Arsenals, the Werder Bremens and the Orlando Magics of the world more of a chance to be successful and make that sport more interesting to watch.

muzer, Oct 08 2003


       Man U have only won the Champions League once and that was 4 years ago.   

       <sp>Bayern Munich<sp>
The Angels won last year and I think the Diamondbacks won the year before.
sufc, Oct 08 2003

       "Bayern Munich" in English..."Bayern München" in German.   

       My point exactly! And since the Angels didn't make it this year and the Yankees didn't win it last year...they are in the clear! Same applies for Man U. Now, Bayern in the Bundesliga...
muzer, Oct 08 2003

       The Yankees haven't won the World Series in years (well, two). And in fact, both years it was won by some team no-one ever heard of before. So your basic point is quite mistaken.
DrCurry, Oct 08 2003

       // ...since the Angels didn't make it this year and the Yankees didn't win it last year...they are in the clear! //   

       The fact they're in the clear illustrates that the problem you're attempting to solve doesn't exist.   

       It's true there have been sports team "dynasties" in the past. By and large, those teams have deserved their success, and demonstrated so by playing better than everyone else. You want to punish this.   

       I don't think it's fair to wreck a team just because it's successful. Under your plan it's conceivable that a team could throw a title series just to avoid this punishment. If a club is happy with its players and vice versa, they may choose to deliberately lose their third year title if it means they'll be broken up.
waugsqueke, Oct 08 2003

       I hate that. It's not so bad when the team's name has three or more syllables (as in "Sixers" for the 76ers), but I got very tired of hearing New Jersey Devils hockey franchise called the "Dev's" last year.
waugsqueke, Oct 08 2003

       I like the fact that teams win things year after year. It forces the other teams to raise their standards.
Can you imagine Gods own team Sheffield United winning the Champions League 2 years on the trot and then deciding to play the reserve team in the 3rd final so they can lose and then not have to dissolve.
sufc, Oct 08 2003


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