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Garage door eliminator

No more unsightly garage doors
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I always think that it looks odd if most of the front of a house is a huge garage door. This device eliminates the visible garage door.

With the garage closed the house has a nice covered entrance. Visitors can walk up to it and are protected from the rain. To put your car into the garage you click the remote control and the ceiling above the entrance moves down on a hydraulic lift. You drive onto it and the hydraulic raises you to the second floor where you can walk straight to the master bath room to clean up from a hard days work.
Of course this works only for houses with two floors. A ranch house with a car on the roof would look a little odd to most neighbors.
The lift is also great for changing oil or fixing the muffler. It helps to get rid of obnoxious sales people. Just accidentally push the garage door button and watch them run.

kbecker, Aug 11 2003

(?) Car on roof http://www.picpatro..._of_car_alarm.shtml
Not really a house, but still... [DeathNinja, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Car sofa http://www.winelady.com/resin/dali.html
[kbecker, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       [kbecker] Are you describing a second story garage with a closed off front with a floor that lowers down to driveway in front of the house so that a car can be driven onto this floor and then lifted up into the garage?
wombat, Aug 11 2003

       [wombat] Exactly   

       [Trebor] There won't be a gaping hole, even if the garage is "open" (the platform is lowered) it will not be as visible as the normal vertical garage door.
kbecker, Aug 12 2003

       I want a garage door like the entrance to the cave in Aladdin, that rises up out of the sand and gulps the car down. Or something.
DrCurry, Aug 12 2003

       I'll give you a +.   

       I picture a house (mansion) with one of those drive through porches for dropping people off a the front door. The only difference is that the garage just happens to be above this porch and lowers the the floor so you can get in. I think this would look best if the ceiling of the porch were fairly high, otherwise that makes the front door claustrophobic. That just means that the garage is on the third floor, not the second. But if someone can afford this at all, surely they have a three story mansion anyway.   

       I hope it has some good safety mechanisms.
scad mientist, Aug 12 2003

       [Mr Burns] I was in Detroit for a while. Nobody parked their car in the living room. Some car enthusiats had Cadillac sofas though (link). Perhaps they told gullible people that those were real cars.
kbecker, Aug 12 2003

       // A ranch house with a car on the roof would look a little odd to most neighbors. //   

       you're right - a manager at my old job claimed to have pulled a practical joke on his neighbor, in which he hoisted said car (i believe he said it was a VW bug) onto the garage roof.. I didn't believe him, although i think it WOULD be rather funny to see.   

       If you're really so concerned about garage door showing, why not use said hydraulic technology to make an aircraft carrier style lift and just put the vehicle underground?
gothgeekboi, Aug 12 2003

       I don't think there would have to be a gaping hole, you could disguise it as either a second-story porch (just add a railing or something) or have the actual 'door' on the second floor look like a plain wall.   

       This is some fairly serious car security as well. I like it!
Zipwow, Aug 12 2003

       [C_Trebor] The house does not have a garage door that you can see from the front. The "door" is the ceiling above the covered entrance. To open the garage you lower that ceiling to ground level, drive on and then ride up.   

       [scad...] That would work nicely; in this area they have lots of houses with pillars in front. Thay would make it easy to support the car and hide the hydraulic lift.
kbecker, Aug 12 2003


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