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Drive through parking

This is not a valet service
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Put a telescoping jack on each corner of your car. When activated the jacks first spread sideways a little for about 8 foot clearance and then lift the car to 10 foot high.

Parking lots for these cars just have lanes side by side. You drive into a lane get out of a car and activate the lift. The next car can drive under yours between the jacks (that's what the 8 ft spacing is for) if there is an empty spot further down the lane. To leave you lower your car get in and drive off in the lane underneath all the other cars.

Benefits besides easier parking on smaller space: The raised cars are more difficult to vandalize. No more flyers under wipers. No muggers or kids can hide between parked cars. Cameras or guards can see the whole parking lot between the jacks. Easy do-it-yourself checks under the car. Other potential uses as lifting platform if your apartment happens to be on the second floor

Disadvantages: Dripping oil and antifreeze from those rolling wrecks hitting pedestrians under parked cars.

kbecker, Dec 19 2003


       Jacks fail.
mystic2311, Dec 19 2003

       baked in Wacky Races ?
neilp, Dec 19 2003

       And what, you just fall out of your car to get out? How about getting back in? Shirley if someone can get INTO a car, they can slap a flyer inder the wiper. Its absurd and I like it ...
Letsbuildafort, Dec 19 2003

       it's baked, it's baked I tell you.
neilp, Dec 19 2003

       Put your link where your mouth is, neil
Letsbuildafort, Dec 19 2003

       //And what, you just fall out ... //   

       You get out first, then push that little button on your remote control. When you come back you push that other little button on your remote and get in when its down.   

       Comment from other party peeking over my shoulder: (1) The energy generated by lowering the car to the ground should be used to start the engine. That way you don't have to worry about an empty battery. (2) During special events when everybody arrives/leaves at the same time anyway there should be "discount" lanes where cars park double stacked.
kbecker, Dec 19 2003

       // To leave you lower your car //   

       After waiting a few hours for the cars under you to leave?
benjamin, Dec 20 2003

       Someone driving under you accidently clips one of the jack legs, and your car crashes to the ground and is totalled, and likely starts a domino effect throughout the parking lot...
waugsqueke, Dec 20 2003

       Why not dig a 10ft trench and park the cars in that then you could get out at ground level.
mecotterill, Oct 12 2008

       Or have parking spaces that raise and lower themselves as part of an extremely compact multi-storey car park.   

       Or for that matter, have just one parking space and a big crane that, once you're out, picks your car up and dumps it in a designated space within an enclosed super-garage. To get your car back, simply return your ticket and pay, and your car is fished out and dumped outside. Bonuses are ultra efficient use of space, and zero possibility of theft.
mitxela, Oct 12 2008

       I like it, because people just park all over the place around here - and it's just really annoying as a pedestrian. You can't cross the road on the zebra crossing, and you can't see if there are any other cars coming and you squeeze between the cars jammed in at the corners, on the pavement or wherever they can fit.   

       Or, maybe the cars could drive around on top of the legs, making it easier to cross...   

       Mind you, getting rid of the majority of cars would be ideal...
VaquitaTim, Jun 23 2009


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