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Garden TV programme tags & index

Discover episodes most relevant to your context
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All streamable episodes of all past garden make-over programmes around the world should have standardised tags with their attributes. Then a way to search them by these tags. This would enable people to watch those that best match their needs and avoid those that don't.

For example: thin/square/wide, 10sqm, 15sqm, 20sqm... hot/temperate/cold, north/south/east/west facing cottage/formal patio/decking/grass/gravel

The tags would cover the qualities that are often not included in text descriptions or hard to search for as they are so common. You'd discover useful programmes you never knew existed.

Essentially Pinterest/Instagram for TV programmes. Could be applied to home improvement, and other subjects too. The taxonomy would also be useful for web pages, YouTube videos photos etc.

acemcbuller, Apr 17 2021


       + I think this is a good idea, although sometimes when I watch something that is not relevant to my situation, I actually can learn a lot.
xandram, Apr 17 2021


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