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Gardens of Babylon Awnings

Unfurl a hanging garden over your windows.
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In the summertime, or in warm climates, awnings provide essential shade that is needed when the sun is beating down all day. Why not unfurl a virtual hanging garden? These awnings are made of a blend of silk and canvas in several designs.( Actual leaves and vines of faux plants) There is the delicate ‘Bird’s Foot and English Ivy’ awning. The lush ‘Tropical Mix’, which is palm, banana, and Elephant ear caladium leaves layered over each other in a natural yet exotic fashion. There is also a ‘Woodsy’ Style made with assorted pine boughs. If all this greenery is too much, add a splash of color with ‘Blooming Morning Glory Vines’ or some of the life-like ‘Birds of Color’, which can be attached by a sturdy clip that is well disguised for this purpose. All products are fade-resistant and washable with a light soapy spray and are available in all sizes, for home and business.
xandram, Jan 10 2006

Here are ACTUAL faux plants http://www.sunshinesilk.com/silk_tree.htm
[xandram, Jan 10 2006]


       I guess I failed in my desciption. These are not just 'patterns' but actual faux plants layered upon each other to appear as real hanging plants.(which I inserted in hopes of one being able to visualize the Hanging Gardens)
xandram, Jan 10 2006

       [Still not really getting this. Now trying to picture what an actual faux plant might be.]
DrCurry, Jan 10 2006

       Maybe you are joking here, but I envision an awning SMOTHERED in silk plants, which look REAL and [DrCurry] maybe you just enjoy giving one a hard time, but you won't dampen my Spirit.
xandram, Jan 10 2006

       It would look cool in the summer, weird in the winter (at least here). You would have to find a material for your plants that the sun won't bleach.   

       Canvas on top with silk beneath would take care of most of the bleaching.   

       Mmmm, woodsy. If you can't have the real thing, that is.
Shz, Jan 10 2006

       Excellent idea! [+]   

       With the right plastic leaves and plants (Very good silk/plastic flowers are available) arranged in a complex pattern this could look very nice. I can imagine the sun filtering through the gaps in a very pleasing manner. With cheap fake plants and a repeated mass-produced pattern it could also look really tacky. As with a lot of ideas its success would depend on the quality of implementation (which we are not concerned with here)
Minimal, Jan 11 2006


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