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Gas Blaster

Better vocoding through science
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For many years, man has worked towards bridging the gap between purely acoustic analog instruments/music devices and electronic synthesis instruments/devices.

Now the vocoder effect, once only possible through electronic equipment, is now made possible through perhaps the crudest method of sound modification--gas. Yes, helium is not just for balloons and funny voices anymore.

Combined with other gases and mixed by a controller unit (be it a mechanical organ or a electronic synthesizer), helium is just part of what makes the Gas Blaster deliver that sweet modulation straight to your eardrums.

Pyrotechnics package sold separately.

Spacecoyote, Jan 23 2008

The Bag http://www.mocheez....kbox/The%20Bag.html
[angel, Jan 23 2008]

Helium-xenon meringue organ Helium-xenon_20meringue_20organ
Eat your gas (by [nineteenthly]) [Spacecoyote, Oct 18 2008]

One Pipe Organ One_20Pipe_20Organ
[Spacecoyote, Dec 23 2008]


       The speed of sound differs through different gases, with mixing, modulation, and maybe even multiple mixers, sound could be modified in real time to create layered digital-esque analog effects.
Spacecoyote, Jan 23 2008

       //Precisely how will this work?//

Possibly in much the same way as the Voice-Box (or 'Bag') used most notably by Jeff Beck and Peter Frampton (and also by David Gilmour, Joe Walsh and Davey Johnstone). The output of an electric guitar is fed to a small amplifier and speaker, and the the sound is directed down a tube into the player's mouth. The resulting sound is picked up by his vocal mike. (linky)
angel, Jan 23 2008


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