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Drum Machine Heavy Bag

Box to the beat
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Pressure sensitive pads located around the bag trigger various drum sounds when hit.

Low shots would play a bass drum sound, high shots a snair drum, left and right hooks play tom toms.

You'd put on your favorite music and box to the beat with this musical punching bag, working out and jamming at the same time.

doctorremulac3, Aug 24 2013


       ackshully that'd be a "drum kit"; a "drum machine" punching bag would be a bag that punched back.   

FlyingToaster, Aug 24 2013

       Just what we all need... a meathead with aggression issues AND a drum kit, living next door.
UnaBubba, Aug 24 2013

       You mean there are drummers out there that AREN'T meatheads with aggression issues?
doctorremulac3, Aug 24 2013

       I got beat to a pulp last night and I swear it felt just like the opening to Tom Sawyer.
the porpoise, Aug 28 2013

       I like the idea of being asked: "So are you a Neil Pert style boxer or more John Bonham?"
doctorremulac3, Aug 28 2013

       Brilliant! And, I can dance to it [+]
Grogster, Aug 29 2013


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