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Gas Station Recycling

a recycling bin at gas stations for your bottles and cans
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So many of these petrol companies want to seem eco-friendly... why don't they have recycling bins at their pumps for when people inevitably throw out their bottles and cans, which make up a huge percentage (by volume) of gas station trash.

Would have to be labelled appropriately to make it clear that it was not a trash container. Maybe its vibrant green with bottle-shaped and can-shaped holes to make it more obvious for those looking for a place to toss their McDonalds rubbish?

Market this to gas station companies as part of their "look at me I'm eco-friendly" campaign, and provide local pickup service for a monthly fee competetive to trash pickup.

Possibly baked in some cities, but not mine.

napoleonbag, May 14 2008


       This makes sense, considering many individuals frequently visit their local petrol station on a regular basis. Pastry.
ed, May 14 2008

       Baked in Dubai, but I've only seen it in one. Recycle bins are more common outside supermarkets here.
marklar, May 14 2008

       I've never seen it, and I would use it. (+)
MisterQED, May 14 2008

       Baked in Japan, where all garbage is seperated at some point.
Voice, May 14 2008

       I thought the tag-line is for new uses of gas stations that close due to unaffordable gasoline, as converting the stations into bicycle rest stations, solar power plants and the like.   

       el dueno
el dueno, May 16 2008

       You don't have a can-and-bottle man?
nomocrow, May 16 2008

       Even better you could give them your chip fat and they could process it into biodiesel.
Bad Jim, May 16 2008

       [+] Make these guys recycle too! I don't like to be told that I am being environmentally irresponsible just because I don't want to tote my trash around until I get home. Businesses such as gas stations, amusement parks, and indoor malls tend to generate an exorbanant amount of trash on a daily basis- none of which is being recycled. I am willing to believe that the average gas station generates more recycleables in a day than I do in year.
Jscotty, May 17 2008


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