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Make something practical with fingernail clippings!
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Collectively, our bodies use up a significant amount of the world's energy in producing our useless human fingernails. Every year the average person's fingernails and toenails grow 5 centimeters each. Multiply that by twenty and you have a full meter of nail every year! In their lifetime the average person clips off seventy meters of nail. Now multiply that by the world population and you see where I'm going with this.

I think we should all save our clippings and donate them to an organization specially designed to process that strong, fibrous material and use it in a practical way.

Perhaps we could build low-cost housing for the poor. Or turn it into fuel. Maybe soles for shoes. Something to put inside maracas. I welcome your suggestions. After all, a cavalier attitude about discarding our nails can only lead to careless waste of other natural resources. In fact, maybe that's where it all started. I'm sure Native Americans found some practical use for their clippings. (Did they?) Let's try to reverse this pernicious trend and build something beautiful that future generations can be proud of. At least we could make some kind of sculpture/memorial to the memories of our ancestors, and the nails they left behind.

ollylama, Oct 08 2003

It's a start http://www.macalest...eekly/1200news.html
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MacGyver. http://www.tvland.com/shows/macgyver/
This guy could find a use for fingernail clippings. But when he does, you probably should stand back. [Amos Kito, Oct 17 2004]


       I eat mine.
madradish, Oct 08 2003

       Sculptures aren’t practical.
Shz, Oct 08 2003

       Just think of the wealth of resources going to waste at all of those nail salons worldwide!
muzer, Oct 08 2003

       The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Saaaaaaay...
thumbwax, Oct 08 2003

       If you're so concerned to do things with bodily waste, things could get very obnoxious very quickly...
DrCurry, Oct 08 2003

       one word: ew.
lintkeeper2, Oct 08 2003

       Aren't nails made of a similar material to hair? If you can use nails maybe you can use hair. Skin, too. Vacuum cleaner bag and toenail clipping recycling centre anyone?
st3f, Oct 08 2003

       Jello. Human Jello.
Laughs Last, Oct 08 2003

       Why stop at fingernails? You could use earwax, mucus, toe lint... The possibilities are endless! (and very disgusting)
ghillie, Oct 08 2003

       Yeah it is mostly keratin ( I learned that from MacGyver) Left over hair is already used for making wigs for cancer patients and such. I can't imagine what you could do with used nails though. Maybe they could be used as some kind of alternative fuel, or grind them up and make human exo-skeletons.
notme, Oct 08 2003

       //I learned that from MacGyver//   

       Oh dear...
Detly, Oct 08 2003


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