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Gastro Slalom Race

don't even think of trying this....
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Gastro Slalom Race is won by whomever "passes" the special teflon coated ferro-magnetic torpedo first.

To assist with its progress each competitor has a dotted line drawn unto their torso, marking the direction of their intestinal tract, and is equipped with a powerful magnet to encourage the progress of the torpedo as it negotiates the various internal bowel convolutions.

A team of surgeons are kept on stand-by.
Jumping about is not permitted.
No responsibility accepted for any adverse after-reactions.

xenzag, Jun 11 2011

//teflon coated ferro-magnetic// my arse! http://research.vus...h_files/capsule.htm
They should have little legs! [mouseposture, Jun 11 2011]


       Dang. I thought this said "salami."
Grogster, Jun 11 2011

       me too.
FlyingToaster, Jun 11 2011

       Incidentally, it can be extremely dangerous to swallow, separately, _two_ powerful magnets. They can pinch a fold of G.I. tract between themselves.   

       Also, I hope those surgeons know not to put you in a NMRI machine.
spidermother, Jun 11 2011

       It doesn't need to be magnetic: just fill up on your favourite colon cleanser and you're off to the races. There's also a drug that contracts the colon muscles as well... though that would perhaps be illegal for competition.
FlyingToaster, Jun 11 2011

       Will the edited CT highlights be available on DVD?   

       Curry, anyone …?
8th of 7, Jun 11 2011

       //two powerful magnets// True, whereas one magnet is safe. Applying the Scientific Method, and using inductive reasoning, we hypothesize that an odd number of magnets is safe and proceed to swallow 3 magnets, at 1-hour intervals.   

       The results of this experiment lead to a new hypothesis: a prime number of magnets is unsafe. (Swallows 4 magnets at one-hour intervals.)
mouseposture, Jun 11 2011

       Five words: baking-soda and peroxide propulsion.
Alterother, Jun 11 2011

       That's not just five words, it's a death sentence.
8th of 7, Jun 11 2011

       Not a sentence: no verb.
mouseposture, Jun 11 2011

       A major sentence contains a finite verb. Minor sentence, no finite verb. A death sentence usually contains several verbs: be taken, be hanged, etc.
spidermother, Jun 11 2011

       Ah, yes: //propulsion// -- a gerund.
OK, how about "no predicate" ?
mouseposture, Jun 11 2011


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