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"In Place" Car Racing

They all race on a treadmill that tilts, bends, raises and lowers like a regular course would.
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This is a great improvement on a regular race in that:

1- All the action stays right in front of you because although the cars would be driving at a hundred mph plus, the treadmill would be turning in the opposite direction at that same speed.

2- There is no 2.

doctorremulac3, May 25 2021

Steve Wilkins youtube channel https://www.youtube...wMt_LRE1nt_55azj0kg
This guy’s stuff went viral in April ‘21 [a1, May 26 2021]


       Bun. I’ve seen this with toy cars and it’s hilarious. But it looks like a demolition derby sometimes.
a1, May 26 2021

       Well then, there's reason number 2.
doctorremulac3, May 26 2021

       <link> to a youtube channel that has lots of toy cars on treadmill races. just scale em up. might be fewer smashups if there are drivers in the cars.
a1, May 26 2021

       Engineering the treadmill would be a feat. Also, should a car break down, it will be flung backward at high speed. So you'd still need at least one gravel trap.
bs0u0155, May 26 2021


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