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Gecko Ball

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A ball for Geckos with holes small enough so your Gecko doesn't get his claws stuck in it and so they don't get bored in their cage.
treetop, Mar 08 2010

Gecko Ball http://g-ecx.images...mywrite/escher1.gif
Like this Escher print? [csea, May 19 2010]

geico ball http://www.google.c...29,r:25,s:102,i:166
[treetop, Jun 17 2012]


       I thought this was a large formal dance party for geckos.
normzone, Mar 08 2010

       Who cares if they have claws or not? Geckos should have cool balls to roll around in. A bored Geck, is a sad Geck. +
blissmiss, Mar 08 2010

       Hamsters go to hamster balls, geckos go to gecko balls.
normzone, Mar 08 2010

       Because it's a GECKO BALL. Gecko, not ferret, not pig, not possum. IT'S A GECKO. Get a grip, 21.
blissmiss, Mar 08 2010

       Uh... most species of gecko don't have claws. — 21 Quest, Mar 07 2010   

       Wrong, they all do - the only variation is on which toe.
Nelipot, Mar 08 2010

       The difference between a hamster ball and a gecko ball is if I put my gecko in my hamster ball his legs would go through.
treetop, Mar 08 2010

       Aren't geckos the ones with the clever gripping ridges on their feet?   

       A ball constructed of a material inspired by a gecko's foot would stick to nearly anything it came into contact with.   

       Back to the idea, is this a ball for a gecko to play games such as gecko bowling, gecko snooker, gecko tennis or gecko football with, or is it the kind of ball you can crawl inside, like a small, gecko-centric zorb?
zen_tom, Mar 08 2010

       It is so they can run a round the house. My gecko is a Leopard Gecko. Her name is Olivia.
treetop, Mar 09 2010

       I think that was one of the most strangely endearing annotations I've ever read.
DrWorm, Mar 09 2010

       Queen Olivia of the Gecko Kingdom. Give her a ball, a crown, and a shiny wand to wave. Yes...
blissmiss, Mar 09 2010

       This ball should be adapted for the gecko's special ability, making it unsuitable for (many) other animals. Thus, some kind of obstuctive weight in the bottom. A hamster would get nowhere walking round that. And mirrors so the gecko can see where it's going.
VaquitaTim, Mar 09 2010

       Perhaps this ball only works when the gecko is upside down at the top?
Ling, Mar 09 2010

       I think that Mr. Tindale has it right kiddo. The ball will need heat and light.   

       And it will need a helmet to protect it's shiny, green head from smashing open, on those hair pin turns. (ugly visual of green gecko brains...oh nevermind...)
blissmiss, Mar 09 2010

       Cool, a football game made up of two teams of geckos on the ceiling. Bright coloured species strips a prerequisite.
wjt, Mar 09 2010

       The hanging-upside-down bit is implementable. Put a sphere in the centre of the ball (connected to the outer ball by legs). Then cover the inside of the outer ball with gecko-resistant stuff (just the usual; or maybe cover it in roller-bearings).   

       Then, the only way the gecko can move the ball is by climbing around the surface of the inner sphere, below which it will forever be suspended. A hamster would then be unable to take-and-drive-away the gecko's sphere.   

       On the other hand, an animal that prides itself on its perpetual inability to climb anything may be frustrated by it's ability to climb onto the top of the inner sphere. ("I'll just get on top of this sphere and see what's...shit! I'll just get on top of this sphere and see what's...shit! I'll just get on top of this sphere and see what's...shit! I'll just get on top...")
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 09 2010

       I'd pay money to see this gecko ball sport. I would.
blissmiss, Mar 10 2010

       [Ling] Yes. I had envisaged the gecko on the top, inside surface of the outer sphere (perhaps I should try to be less implicit in my posts). The "obstructive weight in the bottom" could be something like another smaller sphere, or a hemishere with roller bearings [cf. MB].   

       Hmmm. I think I prefer MBs ball. No mirrors required.   

       I'm a bit worried though, that the gecko will move much faster round the ball than the ball can react.
VaquitaTim, Mar 10 2010

       How about this, then (if I haven't misunderstood everyone else):
The outer sphere contains an inner sphere. The inner sphere is loose, and leaves just enough room for a gecko to walk upside down at the top, between the two spheres.

       Edit: oh, already thought of. I think said gecko cannot outrun the sphere or he would rapidly get squashed.
Ling, Mar 10 2010

       Not if he's wearing his helmet ;-)
blissmiss, Mar 10 2010

       He wouldn't be able to wear a helmet if he was a geecko, 'cos then he'd be an egg-head.
Ling, Mar 11 2010

       I have seldom laughed so hard and so long at the visual imagery of a post and its annotations [+]
Three cheers for Olivia, behelmeted queen of the inverted zorb-racing Leopard geckos!

       Now, if the inner sphere was filled with helium, she could race around the ceiling.
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 19 2010

       My babysitter for my gecko while I was gone left the lid open on her cage and now I can't find her.
treetop, May 19 2010

       That's about the saddest thing I have heard all day. I am so sorry for your loss. She will come home though...leave the front door open, and a fly in a bowl of water for her...
blissmiss, May 19 2010

       OOOhhh, great link, csea.
blissmiss, May 19 2010

       [blissmiss] Thanks, I thought I remembered one that was more rounded (Escher did a whole bunch of prints with lizards!) - but I couldn't locate an image.   

       [treetop] When I was a boy, I lived in New Mexico, and I had a number of lizards as pets. Horney toads, blue-bellied skinks, and anoles (sometimes called American chameleons since they change color.) I hope your pet returns!
csea, May 20 2010

       Hey, never mind the link - did you find the gecko?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 17 2012

       //How's it different from a hamster ball?// Less hair?
AusCan531, Jun 17 2012


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