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Hamster submarine

Response to Fish car
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I've often wondered where hamsters would go if they could swim underwater etc..... make a version of the little hamster balls you put hamsters in which is mounted inside a submarine of some kind, and depending where the hamster rolls it that's where the submarine goes. Up-down motion of the submarine could be activated based on where the hamster is looking. I think that hamsters would like to see kelp forests first, and then maybe get a close up of the mighty blue whale. They would make friends and go on adventures.
ooooooooo, Feb 09 2010

Fish car Fish_20Car
Inspiration for this idea, thanks zamondo! [ooooooooo, Feb 09 2010]

Hamster powered submarine http://www.youtube....watch?v=nnw46tX15ak
Already half-half-baked - but the hamster has no control over direction... [ooooooooo, Feb 09 2010]

Hamster socks Hamster_20socks
An alternative mode of hamster transportation. [phoenix, Feb 09 2010]

Cats in a submarine http://images3.cafe...7_480x480_Front.jpg
[ldischler, Feb 09 2010]

Scuba Cat http://animals.hows...pets/scuba-cat2.htm
[goldbb, Feb 09 2010]


       They would be hunted down by cats in submarines.
ldischler, Feb 09 2010

       Or scuba diving cats.
goldbb, Feb 09 2010

       We all live in a hamster submarine...
DrBob, Feb 09 2010

       Or the dreaded cat o' nine tales, bores you to death with interminable nautical stories,
pocmloc, Feb 10 2010

       They would obviously be hunted by Cat fish.   

       Can we make zepplins for the hamster so they have all major forms of transportation covered?
metarinka, May 19 2010

       Don't forget time machines, and spaceships, and doohickeys that travel between dimensions and hell, just make a hamster TARDIS and be done with it   

       man, I’m such a critic today, have a bun
xxobot, May 20 2010


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