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Geek Casino

Geek Casino
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I love going to Vegas... all the different themes and fascades. But I still feel like a fish out of water (At least til I get close to lake mead or the bellagio - for the water that is, but I am off track). What they need is a Mecca for Geekdom.. I know the Hilton has their star-trek thing, but what I am talking about is geek world. Instead of a rodeo drive style shopping arena, you can have a tokyo themed shopping district with all sorts of gadgets and computer devices. maybe a sci-fi cafe. their convention hall could host conventions (sci-fi and anime) and special screenings. Maybe a Cult movie museum. Every room would have computers with network games ready to go (bc as a geek you travel half way across the country to stay in your room and play games). The Casino itself could have huge video displays running simpsons and other movies 24-7... maybe IM features on the video poker machines at the bar... and webcams all over broadcasting to the net...
DAMen, Jun 06 2003

Geeks Take Vegas http://www.wired.co...10.09/vegas_pr.html
[my face your, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       Geeks don't go out. They stay home to play video games and watch star trek re-runs. That's why they are geeks.
JohnnyOla, Jun 06 2003

       //many casinos would ban geeks, especially those who instantly figure the changing odds on their machines/games, and continually beat the house.//
See link.
my face your, Jun 07 2003

       Well, the geeky music can be techno and emo, the drinks could be non-alcoholic.
Japanese_Coffee, Jun 28 2003

       I love emo and techno, but I've always found 80's new wave to be somewhat geeky.
Vegan_Princess, Sep 10 2006

       A geek casino would not have any blackjack, if it wished to survive.
popbottle, Jul 20 2013

       [DAMen] created an account on June 6 2003, posted this idea, and was never heard from again.
normzone, Jul 21 2013


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