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Gene-Modded Glowing Pumpkin

Genetically Modified Glowing Pumpkin
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How about a genetically engineered pumpkin with the firefly gene added to make it glow in the dark? Dammit, these lab researchers always add the firefly gene to all sorts of things to show they can make it glow. So why not do it for a pumpkin to use on Halloween? I'm sure it could be a hot seller, even if only once a year. Even though the Firefly gene (luciferase) generates a yellowish-greenish light, the pumpkin's orange-colored outer skin would still tint it to make it seem a little more orange.
sanman, Oct 10 2013

All about fluorescent proteins http://www.chm.bris...k/motm/GFP/GFPh.htm
Figure 6 shows quite a wide spectrum of available colours. [Wrongfellow, Oct 11 2013]


       hmm, there's a lot of green luciferases, and at least one red. I don't know of an orange one. Also, Luciferase gobbles up ATP, Shirly a pumpkin would have a weeny little supply, being a bit on the intert side. Maybe a fluorescent protein, plenty of orange proteins.
bs0u0155, Oct 10 2013

       Okay, fine - but mainly the idea is about using genetic engineering to make the pumpkin glow. Let's not split too many hairs about how to do it.
sanman, Oct 10 2013

       By now you are aware that hair-splitting is an occupational hazard of being a halfbaker. I sense split ends in the offing.
normzone, Oct 10 2013

       Flouro paint on regular pumpkins seems cheaper and easier.
AusCan531, Oct 11 2013

       // cheaper and easier //   

       Napalm … MUHWHAHAHAHAHA !   

8th of 7, Oct 11 2013

       [+] How about a Translucent Pumpkin (currently in the idea queue) filled with live fireflies?
awesomest, Oct 11 2013


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