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Generic Tossing Food

For those really bad comedians
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We all know about how, in movies and such, if there is a bad act on stage, people throw rotten food at them. Why wait until food is rotten to throw it? Why not just make a baggy of generic food, about the consistency of petroleum jelly, and throw that at them? Better yet, just sell the equipment to package your own leftovers, and instructions on how to blend it all together, so that when you don't like what you see, you can let them know it.
nahte123, Oct 19 2005


       Food throwing is generally more frowned upon than TV purports.
Texticle, Oct 19 2005

       Throw bags of fresh processed food at comedians you dislike. Got it. Or did you invent the food processor instructions?
Shz, Oct 19 2005

       I keep reading this as Genetic Tossing Food.
theircompetitor, Oct 19 2005

IcarusByNight, Oct 19 2005


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