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Jam Trousers

a selection of preserves on hand when you need them
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A pair of baggy cotton drawstring trousers with many small pockets sewn in.
To be kept in the frigidaire.
When I wake, I shall pull them on before breakfast.
Their coldness will awaken and refresh.
The preserves and condiments kept in the pockets will enhance the morning meal.
Miniture jars and sachets will be used to minimise marmalade/fabric interfacing.
The trousers will be refilled at night either by some kind of robotic system if you live in the present or the near future, or by your butler if you have the luck to live in the decadent 1920s.

Oh yes.

Zircon, Oct 21 2002

MC5 http://makemyday.free.fr/kotj.htm
Kick out the jams [thumbwax, Oct 22 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Presidents of USA http://www.reallyri...s/P002200010009.asp
Also kicking out those jams [Zircon, Oct 22 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

KLF http://www.purelyri...php?lyrics=odjvofhe
It's amazing that there's any jams left to kick out. [calum, Oct 22 2002]


       Yes Zircon, after the refreshing wake-up you're mutilated jabbing your knife at what you thought was a strawberry hull... yes sir, uh huh!   

       Don't even bother saying "damn trousers!" No sir, huh un!
hollajam, Oct 21 2002

       Damn! i thought this was about trousers to go with your jam shoes.
skinflaps, Oct 22 2002

       I'm sorry Zircon, but the Prez's "Also" couldn't *possibly* keep up with MC5 - listen to the KOTJ album, and hear the proto punk glory which to this day no one else has attained.
thumbwax, Oct 22 2002

       isn't this what stuntmen playing aliens wear? different application, I concede.   

       Bilbo had a jacket made of rings.
General Washington, Oct 22 2002

       Sounds revoulting..morning U.K.dash.dot.dash..hidden Wire toon...mmmmmmmmmmm..
skinflaps, Oct 22 2002

       [hollajam] Damson Trouser maybe!   

       [thumbwax] thanks for the tip, I have been relying on Black Flag's 'Damaged' for all my proto punk glory needs.   

       [GW] What is this talk of stuntmen and aliens?
Zircon, Oct 22 2002

       JAM trousers wouldn't be quite as dapper as a masonic bib but, as long as they were ancient, I guess that wearing them to formal ceremonies would be justified, no?
DrBob, Oct 22 2002

       When shot in the leg you would bleed from a pouch And spew orange all over the floor.
You collapse in a bundle while shrieking out 'ouch, I am done, an alien am I no more.'
General Washington, Oct 22 2002

       <claps for GW performance>   

       [Zircon] Shropshire Damson..?   

       Holy Plum!!   

       btw, Our strawberries here can grow to a manly size.
hollajam, Oct 22 2002


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