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Genius Wheels

a bicycle fit for Leonardo da Vinci
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Based on the famous image (see link) only with the outside apexes of the encompassing square cut away. The hub would of course naturally centre on the belly button.

Would obviously work as a printed image on a solid disk, but I prefer the idea of an open wheel, with the legs and arms forming the actual spokes, and the corresponding rear view that Leonardo never conceived, making the other side.

xenzag, Jun 09 2008

Da Vinci's Man http://www.success....onardo-da-Vinci.jpg
Now available from Dunlop Tyres [xenzag, Jun 09 2008]

(?) Da Vinci Hoax http://images.googl...26rls%3Den%26sa%3DG
The great Man's bicycle (not) - excellent hoax that continues to fool many. [xenzag, Jun 09 2008]

"bow legged" perhaps, Da Vinci was also? http://keepyourknee...rent_advances17.jpg
[daseva, Jun 09 2008]


       Well, seeing as he invented the bicycle... I don't know if this is much more than a consolidation of his ideas. Which is good, don't get me wrong... I just have a hard time liking ideas that bear a certain sense of obvious uninspired inevitability... Which may be exactly what Leo did close to perfection.   

       And, unequal loading across spokes will prove to be a great hinderance. What works for man dosen't always work for machine, maybe.[+/-]
daseva, Jun 09 2008

       <Obi-Wan Kenobe>   

       "He's more machine now than man, twisted and evil ...."   

       </Obi-Wan Kenobe>
8th of 7, Jun 09 2008

       I've never seen the significance of that Vitruvian Man image. There's all this hooey about circles and squares. But, depending on how you pose a human figure, it can fit in any combination of shapes you like. Basically, the image represents the fact that a man is roughly as tall as his arm-span; pretty much any bilaterally-symmetric organism can be posed to fit inside a circle.   

       Free ice-cream for whoever can draw a Vitruvian Hamster.   

       Plus, what is it with the guy's right leg (left as viewed) in the 'square' pose? He's got his foot pointing straight towards us, but attached to a leg which is twisted sideways with its knee pointing to his left.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 09 2008

       I see no problem with the knee, however the stern expression is unnecessarily...stern.
Texticle, Jun 10 2008


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