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Glowing cycle tyres

Cycle tyres that shine brightly at night
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Having trawled the net I could not find this idea anywhere. So here is my first submission to this site.

As the title states, These cycle tyres would illuminate at night creating 2 beautifull halo's for all to see. Obviously increasing visibilty.

The tyre and inner tube would be manufactured from a clear rubber / polymer , at least the wall of the tyre, but possibly the tread too.

A number of LED's are moulded into the inner tube to direct the emmitted light along its internal wall, with micro thin wire also moulded into the tyre connecting them all together.

The light would permiate throught the clear wall internally reflecting to provide a relatively large coverage of light, also the light would be clearly visible directly through the transparent tubing and tyre, the whole effect being amplified the faster the wheel rotates.


i/ Batteries mounted in a small water proof casing mounted on the rim or on the spokes

ii/ Power could possibly be achieved by an electro motive effect if more wires were mounted in the tube and a magnet placed near the break blocks

iii/ Or...... A kind of piezoelectric effect where the compression of the wheel generates pulses of energy that could be stored / used in small cells mounted inside the ninner tube

glen, Jan 17 2005

(?) Glow in the dark bicycles. http://www.singletr...article.php?sid=339
[skinflaps, Jan 17 2005]


       Welcome to the Half Bakery [glen]   

       Notice the luminous wheels sentence ? As in link.Cool !
skinflaps, Jan 17 2005

       Nice! Well done for doing some research - many don't. I think you'll have trouble with the transparent rubber material, but there's nothing to stop you having a thin, clear plastic wheel rim to put the tyre on which is lit (ok, so it won't look *quite* as cool). As for power, I always loved the old dynamo's.   

       Welcome to the Halfbakery.
wagster, Jan 17 2005

       Hey [skin] - did you read the last post on the page you've linked? I may have to write to this guy, he and I have big room to cooperate.
wagster, Jan 17 2005

       //MR ZHANG//   

       ha, ha, ha, ha, that's ...sorry <aside>falls off chair <aside> Yep Wags, got it.
skinflaps, Jan 17 2005

       good call. I can't tell you how many cyclists I've accidently run down in the dead of night.
schematics, Jan 18 2005

       And here I was thinking you were going to do things the easy way, and make the tires out of glow in the dark (photoluminescent) rubber, and then I could crack some jokes about skid marks...   

       Well, maybe you could. Getting the whole thing to glow without riding around under a lightbulb would be a little tricky. Maybe you could just do the part that is inside the treads, so you'll also know when the tires are too worn out, and if it's photoluminescent all the way through with lights on the inside...
ye_river_xiv, Jul 09 2006


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