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Genre thesauri

Never say "turgid" or "eldritch" again
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In contrast to general-purpose thesauri which contain a fair amount of synonyms for most common words, this would go into more detail for concepts that are commonly used in writing in a specific genre, such as romance or horror.
bookworm, Apr 25 2001


       To be honest, I think the selling point isn't to prospective authors but as a bookstore impulse buy. I mean, who wouldn't want to own a catalogue of genitalia metaphors?
bookworm, Apr 25 2001

       Stephen Glazier's "Word Menu" has the entries organized by topic--very useful if you can't remember what those big gaff-rigged boats that ply the Nile are called--but not really what you're suggesting. Good one.
Dog Ed, Apr 25 2001


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