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A book that lists every recorded song that contains hand claps
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Hand claps are the most infectious way to make a good song fantastic. If there was a book that listed, alphabetically by artist, every recorded song with the sounds of clapping hands in it, fans of this particular effect (there are plenty!) could search out and discover new music. The book could be updated each year to include new songs. There could be contests sponsored by the publishers that awarded artists who best utilised the hand clap. Same thing could be done for the infamous 'cow-bell'.
Georges, Dec 27 2006

Music Genome Project http://www.pandora.com
A site that uses the database of the Music Mapping (Genome) Project to help listeners find new music. [Georges, Dec 27 2006]

Steve Reich's Clapping Music http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Clapping_Music
This should be on page one regardless of any index [xenzag, Dec 27 2006]

Cowbell Database http://www.geekspeakweekly.com/cowbell/
[jonthegeologist, Dec 27 2006]

Find Sounds http://www.findsounds.com/
haven't tried it - but it looks interesting [xenzag, Dec 28 2006]


       *book* don't you just love that word.   

       add halfbaker to your list.
po, Dec 27 2006

       A round of applause +
xenzag, Dec 27 2006

       Are there existing databases tagging musical tracks by the instruments played in them? If so, this would belong in there, methinks.
DrCurry, Dec 27 2006

       I can't [mfd] this one since I strongly suspect it's not widely known. However, the cowbell database already exists (see link - made popular via US TV somewhere) and the clapdatabase is an echo
jonthegeologist, Dec 27 2006

       //instruments played // is a hand an instrument?
po, Dec 27 2006

       We will, we will, rock you!
Ling, Dec 28 2006

       "Sinner Man", Nina Simone
beck, Dec 28 2006

       All songs need ...
MoreCowbell, Dec 29 2006

       They're coming to take me away, ha ha hee hee ho ho.
zigness, Dec 29 2006


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