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Gentleman Caller ID

If it's your daughter's boyfriend, why should you have to get up?
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My life has been so much better since we have switched to the latest model electronic lock.

All of us in the house have our own passwords, of course, but for those who don't live here, they have to enter their phone # into the lock. Once we look it up in the caller id database, we announce the name inside using the nifty text to speech processor, and the correct person (if any) can then answer the door.

theircompetitor, Apr 28 2004

Well, perhaps it's time has come, only 10 years later http://venturebeat....bell-is-not-a-joke/
[theircompetitor, Apr 02 2014]

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       Or use an intercom. The doorbell sounds like a regular doorbell, but is followed by a recorded "who's there" that plays through an outside intercom. When the caller answers his/her response is played throught the house.
Worldgineer, Apr 28 2004

       Nice. What about a small keypad on which he has to state his intentions towards your daughter, his current bank balance and career prospects? You could put the instructions in Latin, too, to filter out some of the dead wood. After all, who's going to be paying the bills when you're in your eighties and you mow down schoolchildren with a stationwagon on your way to the bingo hall?
kevincherubini, Apr 28 2004

       But, [tc], if your daughter answers the door she will look too eager. It has to be you. Remember?
lintkeeper2, Apr 28 2004

       If it were my daughter, I'd be happy to answer the door, shotgun in hand. But I have a son instead, so it's you who has to worry.
DrCurry, Apr 28 2004

       I have two sons as well.
theircompetitor, Apr 28 2004

       Get them to answer the door, so. What are you wasting money on technology for when you have child labour?
kevincherubini, Apr 28 2004

DrCurry, Apr 28 2004

       "Sir, the New York City Telephone Directory is at the door."   

       "Sir, 1-800-Flowers is at the door."   

       "Sir, Tommy Tutone is at the door."   

       You see the potential.
waugsqueke, Apr 29 2004

       "Honey, why is the milkman calling us every day" :)
theircompetitor, Apr 29 2004

       OR you can just swipe your bar code tattoo across the scanner.
snikrepkire, Apr 29 2004

       My barcode tattoo isn't anywhere that allows for easy swiping.
Detly, Apr 30 2004

       Detly, for you we have the new bathroom lock we're working on
theircompetitor, Apr 30 2004


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