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Battery Powered Wind Chimes

The Newest Craze?
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Alright, so in all actuality it is a stupid idea but why doesn't the world have batter powered wind chimes? It would be an interesting thing to market, albeit pointless, yet the consumer industry could rest assured that many 'somebodies' would want to bring the joy of windchimes into their home. I say try it.
Antix, Aug 06 2001

Hippo's Silent Dodgy Chimes http://www.halfbake...nt_20Dodgy_20Chimes
[hippo, Aug 06 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I've yet to figure out why the world has wind-chimes at all. They're almost as annoying as pigeons. What's the biggest, deadest fish you can imagine?
angel, Aug 06 2001

       "why doesn't the world have batter powered wind chimes?"   

       My thoughts exactly. Batter is a high-energy food source, and loads of it goes to waste in fish and chip shops across the country every day.   

-alx, Aug 06 2001

       ...and of course custard. And buttery-powered, too.   

       Btw, as to why the world has wind chimes at all, didn't they originate in Shintoism or something similar, as a device to scare away evil spirits trying to enter a building?
beauxeault, Aug 06 2001

       How about eerily silent battery powered windchimes? They look like normal windchimes but are fitted with sensors which detect when one chime is about to hit another and which cause one of the chimes to take avoiding action. If the wind is blowing fairly stongly you'd see the chimes dance around deserately avoiding each other.
hippo, Aug 06 2001

       Now *there's* something I would vote for!
angel, Aug 06 2001

       UnaBubba, you know you're not young enough to be the world's *newest* oxymoron. ; )   

       hippo's windchimes wouldn't have to be battery-powered. Just charge each of the chimes with a strong charge of the same polarity.
beauxeault, Aug 06 2001

       Batteries are expensive, and not really environmentally friendly. Better to mount a small wind turbine on your rooftop and use the electricity thus generated to power the device. Voila: wind-powered windchimes.   

       I really like hippo's silent, dodgy chimes, though. You might be able to make them dodge each other by using magnets.
Dog Ed, Aug 06 2001

       Wind powered silent windchimes.   

       I like the deeper toned chimes, the high-pitched tinkly ones make my fur stand on end. Saw some made out of recycled hospital oxygen bottles...Was huge, like four feet long or so, but some really nice deep rolling 'booonnnggg's when they were struck...
StarChaser, Aug 06 2001

       Thanks [Dog Ed] - I'm tempted to add them as an idea, just because the title "Hippo's Silent Dodgy Chimes" sounds so good.
hippo, Aug 07 2001

       Rubber windchimes. Totally low-tech and all the visual appeal but none of the annoying tinkly stuff. (I might go for [Star]'s recycled gas bottles, but only if a) I could switch them off at will, and b) they didn't annoy my neighbours.)
angel, Aug 07 2001

       here's another pledge for pastry donation to hippo's silent dodgy chimes. No pressure, like, but you've just got to post that idea now.
lewisgirl, Aug 08 2001

       Oh alright then, you talked me into it, lewisgirl.
hippo, Aug 08 2001

       UnaBubba: Don't need that heavy a wind to set off the O2 chimes, just put a bigger 'sail' on the dangly part. Didn't have to hit them hard to get them to chime, just to get them to chime LOUDLY.   

       And Angel: If I was a neighbor, these would annoy me MUCH less than the high-pitched tinkly ones that everybody has. For switching them off, you could probably just remove the sail on the knocker.
StarChaser, Aug 11 2001

       angel:charcharodon megalodon many other interesting big,dead fish,dunkleosteus,etc
technobadger, Aug 11 2001

       UnaBubba: Damn if that doesn't sound like a cool idea for a civic sculpture or NEA thing...
StarChaser, Aug 11 2001

       //'Make a set of *real* windchimes out of disused railcar fuel tankers.'//
Finally a use for all those B52s rusting away in the Nevada desert.
angel, Aug 13 2001

       They don't rust there...'s why they're in a desert.   

       Well, at least not as MUCH.   

       I want a B-52...
StarChaser, Aug 14 2001


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