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Cloud-based doorbell

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If you have outbuildings from which you cannot hear the chimes of you house's doorbell and the outbuildings are too far from the house for wireless doorbells to work and separated from the house by terrain through which you cannot lay cables, then this product is for you! A small computer (say, a Raspberry Pi) will take an input from the doorbell and notify an online server that your doorbell is being pressed. This server will in turn send a notification to an app on mobile phones logged into the service. The app will then make a chime noise similar to your doorbell so that (assuming you remember to take your mobile phone with you to your outbuilding/ potting shed/ hot tub/ sauna/ orangery) you know someone's at the door.
hippo, Sep 01 2015

Ring https://ring.com/
These exist and often have cameras so you can see who is at your door. [tatterdemalion, Sep 01 2015]

SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell http://www.skybell.com/
[tatterdemalion, Sep 01 2015]


       If you're so far away from your front door that you need the resources of the cloud to know when you have a caller, then you're probably so far away that your caller will have left his "we tried to deliver your package but you weren't quick enough" card before you get to it.   

       Why not use one of the already baked WiFi Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom systems so you could respond to you caller from the comfort of your orangery?
Tulaine, Sep 01 2015

       Or, a doorbell solution which, as you are routinely spending your time in the back garden, releases an actual cloud from a cloud storage system mounted on your back wall, the cloud is pushed gently towards you on a puff of air and is configured so that when it reaches you it starts to rain, causing you to run inside your house, whereupon you notice your caller. If you are in yr shed, the rain-on-corrugated-iron noise should be act as a sound alert.
calum, Sep 01 2015

blissmiss, Sep 01 2015

       I find that loudly barking dogs work quite well.
RayfordSteele, Sep 02 2015


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