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Geothermal Kettle

Kettle that boils water by volcanic power
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The basis of the geothermal kettle is that it sits ontop of a small diameter bore hole pipe leading down to a bed of hot volcanic rock bellow the building it resides in. On setting the kettle a valve in the base lets the water drain out of the kettle into the bore hole. 100m or so bellow the red hot rock boils the water in seconds and the hot bubbly water and steam are shot back up into the kettle, wich then dispenses the water into your Tea/coffee pot or whatever you wanted it for. Totally free renewable energy, and tasty hot beverages in a flash!
Bronzewing, Oct 09 2005


       This is the sort of thing the hb was made for. Having drilled the bore hole, you could have heated the whole house for free. But no, you boil the kettle. Genius.
wagster, Oct 09 2005

       sp: below   

       +1 nevertheless.
po, Oct 09 2005

       I hope it uses a heat exchanger rather than heating the water directly, otherwise your Earl Grey may impart subtle brimstone flavours.
Adze, Oct 09 2005

       You ever tried drilling 100m to make a hole. Neither have I, but I imagine that it is something that would make you want a cup of tea afterwards. [+]
hidden truths, Oct 10 2005

       I get nervous sleeping in the same house as that hole, listening to the lava burble down there. Or is that the mole people murmuring to each other?   

       Also, I am nervous that there are rocks hot enough to boil water a football field away from my La-Z-Boy. I think that unless you are in Iceland, this hole would need to be a lot deeper, like maybe 5000 m.
bungston, Oct 10 2005


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