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Get out of jail free (or rather prepaid) bond

A Bail Bond you can buy-and keep a card representing the bond in your wallet-for "just in case" you may be arrested.
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This would work like a sort of insurance. And you could insure your teenagers as well. I think this should be in card form, like a credit card. And the police could swipe it through a machine that contacts the bail bond business' computer transferring the funds to the proper account.

The idea is that you would be able to buy a bond worth a certain amount that is normally charged for common infractions, for the reason that though being jailed by the Man may be unlikely to happen to you, it Could Still happen.

For instance, being jailed for fighting some jerk at a bar you usually go to, the other guy could have started it. He/She just started swinging at you and you fought back to defend yourself --and boom, you land in the slammer. And you need to go to work tomorrow!!!! Maybe you live alone. Its late at night. Who's going to bail you out? Your friends may not have the dough. Or you find out what kind of people they really are when they leave you in there... And what if you're poor so you may not have the money for that (all the time) or when you need it. Unless you planned ahead and bought the card. Maybe you're a teen expected home by a certain time. You're jailed for fighting some bully who attacked you.. A get out of jail free card would make sense to have in these instances.

Also works for people who: plan to participate in protests (With your Union or out of public complaint), travel out of state (I've heard of people being taken to jail in Nevada because they forgot they had left their pistol that's only registered in California under the seat in their car.), Have troubled teens (also may be laws in your state/country that say you go to jail for certain things the teen might happen to do.), You go to bars regularly -as stated above, Hang out with friends who use drugs (You go to a party they throw-because they're your friends, man-and the police bust in because the neighbors tipped the fuzz off about them. You're grabbed too.) .......

Doc Kim Vengeance, Nov 19 2002

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       Seems that the idea stands on its own without all the breathless context.
bristolz, Nov 19 2002

       Someone lock this person up.
snarfyguy, Nov 19 2002

       "Here's my card. It's Bond, Bail Bond."
FarmerJohn, Nov 19 2002

       We did "Pre - Paid Jail Time" as well.
snarfyguy, Nov 19 2002

       Someone would mug you for it and get off scot free.
egbert, Nov 19 2002

       What a great idea! I would extend the notion to personal relationships.   

       Maybe I buy my other half an extra special anniversary present and then sit back for a year or two confident in my emotional credit limit. I could wave the receipt at them if they whinge, that will make me feel better.   

       Maybe I will lay into a close friend with a searing character assassination for no reason at all, just to see the expression on their face. Then lay bare my ego for all comers.   

       Problem arises with the units of exchange, as with the original idea. Money for misdemeanours is an imperfect exchange, maybe community service would be better. Likewise with relationships...what if there is no balancing urge on their part? Ahh, I think a new card could be the answer...
Ludwig, Nov 19 2002

       This is already available for non-DUI traffic offenses in the U.S.A. It is included in the price of a AAA membership, and probably via other means as well. One good thing about it is that it means that if you get a speeding ticket you can offer your AAA card as a bond rather than your drivers' license.
supercat, Nov 20 2002

       I've got this card from Jimmy Hoffa...
thumbwax, Nov 20 2002

       It's not usually mine to play the part of devil's advocate, but I think I must detract here. This sounds like just one more reason to go out and commit minor offenses, the sort for which a night in the hoosgow usually serves as a deterrant.   

       Imagine the burly truck-drivin', beer-swillin', bar-fightin' type that really doesn't *mean* to be a jerk every Friday night, but he always just seems to end up in parking lot confrontations. If he gets this bond, then it's that much easier for him to justify going out for a night on the (bars of the) town. Inevitably, some prick gets in his way, and all of a sudden, it's on! When the cops show up to take them both in, only the poor sod that he drunkenly pummelled ends up in jail, and this guy gets off scott free.
absterge, Nov 20 2002

       // Inevitably, some prick gets in his way//   

       [Absterge], while I agree with much of what you say, I can't help thinking that anyone who ends up in a car park full of drunken, argumentative truckers late on a Friday night is probably guilty of some mild form of contributory negligence.   

       <off topic> Is it right that society should commit scarce public time and resources to protect those that do REALLY dumb things - the sort of things that win you a Darwin - from the effects of their actions ? Discuss (elsewhere). </off topic>
8th of 7, Nov 20 2002

       Often the people who do REALLY dumb things represent that Public Time and Public Resources you are talking about. Governments, at whichever level you care to investigate.
Ludwig, Nov 20 2002

       //It's not usually mine to play the part of devil's advocate, but I think I must detract here. This sounds like just one more reason to go out and commit minor offenses, the sort for which a night in the hoosgow usually serves as a deterrant.//   

       This service wouldn't cover payment of actual fines; it would simply post bond. If the person failed to make a court appearance he would be liable to the bond company for the forfeited bond.
supercat, Nov 20 2002

       fines don't work, it merely means that the economic elite who own billions of dollars can park anywhere they want for virtually free where as normal people cannot. Thats unfair, they don't do any work they are uneconomical and do not deserve their money they just keep it all to thereselves. Of course they deserve some money for their organisation skills but not billions and billions.   

       When i own more than 10 million in assets then i will give the rest to charity. Of course i will have to only spend 9 million or i will not be able to buy food and neccesities for myself.   

       Anyway, people should be made to do intensive labour instead of paying a fine. Or get a discount if they are poor and be forced to give a few million to charity if thy are super rich.
0_owaffleo_0, Mar 28 2003

       AAA offers this service. If you're a member, look at the back of your card. (For those in Britain, AAA is an auto club that offers free roadside assistance. Not sure if you have a similar thing or not.)
xer0negative, Mar 25 2004

       Isn't this essentially the same thing as just having a decent credit rating and a credit card?
tooluser, May 11 2004

       Where I used to live, this stuff existed, it really really did.
Letsbuildafort, May 11 2004

       Jail insurance?
RayfordSteele, May 11 2004

       I thought that bail could only be posted by someone *else* , symbolic of the fact that either you're a well respected enough member of the community to have your integrity bet on by someone else; OR you have rich friends or family.
Detly, May 11 2004


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