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Switch criminals with homeless people.
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Simple. If you commit a crime, you get shipped off to a poor or developing country. Your home and possesions are left. A random person from that country gets shipped off to live with your money and stuff.

You get punished, they get helped out.

And then if they commit a crime, they get switched with some other random person! Convicts get chosen only after everybody else is out, or sick, or dead, or they refuse to go, or whatever. Which could take a while.

Of course you get due process of law, and shoplifting won't get you this punishment, but if you do it a lot, you realize just how lucky you were, and how stupid you were to steal.

And you have to have a schooling program to teach foreigners English or whatever language the country who uses this program speaks primarily.

The thing is, people do survive without all the things we take for granted. And we abuse what we have. (not everybody, but if you're innocent then you can keep what you have).

TahuNuva, May 15 2008


       //Switch criminals with homeless people//   

       //A random person from that country gets shipped off to live with your money and stuff.//   

       I'd suggest you insert 'homeless' after 'random'; at the moment it looks like you're assuming that everyone living in a poor or developing country is homeless.   

       Even if that's not your intention, you also appear to be assuming that those countries would welcome having a variety of criminals shipped into their countries. That apparent lack of consideration for why the other country would want to participate in this scheme gets a bone from me. [-]
imaginality, May 15 2008

       I'm innocent, but still want to get rid of some stuff. Can you suggest where I should ship it?
btw [-]
xandram, May 15 2008

       half baked: Australia
Noexit, May 15 2008

       Them's fighting words
Custardguts, May 15 2008

       No, not everyone in a poor or developing country is homeless. But the ones that are would get randomly chosen before those who have homes. And the criminals could maybe be kept seperate...   

       How bout we just take your stuff away when you go to prison? I was tired...
TahuNuva, May 17 2008


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