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Giant Game and eatery

Toys, Candy, and Cones.
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I don't have the games figure out yet. The would be like a super sized board games that can be changed daily. People would come into the store to play the games and they stand on the spaces as the game peaces. It could be played by two or more people or groups. The cards would be on the walls and the players would have their own dice that they roll when the sign says it their turn. You could rent out costumes and props.

Could be design to get 30 minutes of exercise.

Could be married to a Toy, Candy, Ice Cream, Restaurant, gym and/or store and so on.

The twist is there board games fused and covered with glass to tables with an giant obstacle course that is a game. Where a family can have a meal and play a game. It could be a D&D game or anything.

Frii, Oct 20 2013


       // Toy, Candy, Ice Cream Restaurant, gym and/or store and so on //   

       If it was linked to a bakery, it could be a Roll Playing Game …
8th of 7, Oct 20 2013

       Dave & Busters, Chuck E. Cheese, any number of independent 'adult arcades'...giant chessboards are hundreds of years old. What's the original twist here?   

       By the way, 'role playing games' are also widely known to exist, and they're something else entirely.
Alterother, Oct 20 2013

       What [Alterother] said.
Voice, Oct 20 2013

       There are a lot of pieces in chess or checkers. And a lot of boredom for the pieces not in play. Never seen a line at Starbucks or 7 11 with enough people to man a chessboard.   

       You need a game the store clerk and one or two patrons can play, Say a slot machine or scratch off.   

       You also need a game the store across the street can't shrink and beat you over the head on pricing. Maybe something based on the dimensions and character of the patrons like height and weight and hair color.   

       Good luck   

       (FRII as in Friday ?)
popbottle, Oct 23 2013


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