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Giant Inflatable Floating Hospital

"Scalpel...scalpe..ooops! Oh d%mn!"
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I picture a dozen or so deployable hospitals, built on very large pontoons or rubber rafts, as a nice addition to the Gulf Coast Guard Fleet.
RayfordSteele, Aug 31 2005

The Floating Hospital dates from 1866 http://www.thefloat...spital.org/#history
[ldischler, Sep 01 2005]


       Yes yes, I'm well aware of hospital ships. Thank you. They're rather ill-suited for venturing into marshy areas, like downtown Jackson, Biloxi, and New Orleans.
RayfordSteele, Sep 01 2005

       Drop this thing out of a chopper and a static line to a honking big CO2 cyl. pops it open on the way down. By the time it hits - foomph! - it's almost completely inflated and ready to go, packed pre-sterilized with some first-aid kits already attached to the "walls."   

       Have basic lighting and communication systems designed for packing pre-installed too, so all that is needed is more advanced supplies, power and comm lines. I like this concept.
elhigh, Sep 01 2005

       Hopiteax gonflable. Croissant pour vous. Could be kept moored off Bangladesh when not needed in Louisiana.
wagster, Sep 01 2005

       Does double duty as a party ship for looters.
ldischler, Sep 01 2005

       And with helium they will really live up to their name.
oniony, Sep 01 2005

       How about a hospital blimp?
moomintroll, Sep 01 2005

       Might be difficult to do surgery in heavy waves...
RayfordSteele, Apr 01 2006


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