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If you're going to be in the hospital for a few days, why risk being forced to share a room with the mother of Godzilla? Hospital_Roommates.Com matches people who are planning to have surgery with other people who share the same interests and personalities.

After meeting each other on-line, the two roommates can book a hospital room together. They can even get to know each other before going to the hospital.

The search engine will allow you to choose a roommate based on: type of surgery, interests, fears, TV program preferences, expected number of family member visits, expected length of stay, and personality.

A good friend can make your hospital stay much more pleasant, give you encouragement when you are afraid, and keep you company during the long hours of the night.

So, prep *yourself* for surgery: log on to Hospital_Roommates.Com today!

phundug, Oct 23 2003


       This could be kinda of like church camp combined with a death-row prison sentence. On one hand you're happy to be talking to someone you have common intrests with, and forming close bonds, but on the other hand, you know that (depending on the surgical procedure) you may not make it out alive ... make it into a reality TV show ...
Letsbuildafort, Oct 23 2003

       I don't know, it seems like to much hassle. But in some cases it might be a real treat. Maybe not as a website about roomates but as an addition to the the websites that hospitals already have. If it were me only as long as it isn't literally the mother of godzilla I wouldn't care to much unless i was going to be there for a long time.
Aluxe, Oct 23 2003

       Must remember to log on next time I'm about to get run down by a car or fall off a ladder or whatever...
DrCurry, Oct 23 2003

       What [DrCurry] said. Most surgeries are last minute affairs, not planned parties. When you got appendicitis, you got appendicitis and it's off to the hospital with you. And you're gonna be so sick who cares who's in the room?
k_sra, Oct 24 2003

       SWM with CTD ISO SF with CI, enjoys long walks with an I.V., Jello cups, and Morphine drips.   

       (single white male with contagious, terminal disease is seeking out single female with chronic infection) for those not versed in the hospital friendship scene.
Godot, Oct 24 2003

       Upgrade to a private room and then you're only stuck with yourself.
lintkeeper2, Oct 24 2003

       Don't care about your neighbors? Nothing good on TV? Do you suffer from the pains of an unexplained surgery that happened last night?   

       New home morphine drip will help you with all of that and more. Tested at hospitals and now available for you through this special offer...
sartep, Oct 25 2003

       Is this a singles ward?
hippo, Oct 25 2003


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