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Giant Slinky Car

Finally, Off The Stairs
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The free floating driving pod is in the center, and contains room for the passengers, fuel tank and engine thrusting mechanism. Small movements forward, backward, and sideways are accomplished through hopping, while faster speeds are accomplished in a more Slinky-like manner. Entry into the center pod is accomplished by climbing between the spring coil. Tires are affixed to each end; and since they are laid down flat, the tread designs are on the sidewalls.

Off road travel is no problem; however, the search for a practical method of pulling a travel trailer or camper has resulted in catastrophic failure and a shocking rise in insurance rates at the GROGco Testing Laboratory and is therefore not recommended.


Grogster, Jul 26 2012

worm train worm_20train
The train-based version of this idea [hippo, Jul 26 2012]


       Parking would be fun.
normzone, Jul 26 2012

       Given sufficient buoyancy in the passenger compartment, it should be able to Archimedes screw its way through water.   

       Suspect some kind of keel needed on the passenger compartment to prevent it rotating.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 26 2012

       I thought this said "Giant Stinky Car", and I was wondering, why oh why.
blissmiss, Jul 26 2012

       Not recommended for passengers susceptible to vertigo and/or motion sickness.
jurist, Jul 27 2012

       Going up and down stairs would be easy.
RayfordSteele, Jul 28 2012


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