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Let Us Have the Cars

Payback for the US Automotive Bailout
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In light of the controversy regarding the bailout of the automotive industry in the US, I think that a sensible solution that would make everyone happy would be to give the taxpayers all of the cars that they have not been sold.

Currently there is a surplus of unsold cars on dealership lots and in shipping ports as a result of the current economic times. While the US automakers are asking for a bailout to restructure their operations and to focus on vehicles that are more fuel efficient, we can help them get a fresh start by taking ownership of all of the vehicles that have been produced up to this point.

The type of vehicle can be awarded to every tax paying household based on the average amount of taxes collected over the last 3 to 5 years with the option to sell the car or make an even trade on vehicles that they would rather have given that someone else is willing and able to do the exchange. For instance, a well-to-do middle aged couple may qualify for a $40K SUV or a $50K corvette but they might prefer something smaller and/or more economical. Whereas the younger couple who qualifies for a mid-sized sedan might be more excited about that fancy sports car even though it is beyond their means to afford the insurance or maintenance.

Either way, if they claim that they need the bailout in order to preserve the innovative and new technologies in the vehicles that they are working on (e.g. the "green cars"), then let the tax paying families have new cars. There may not be enough to go around for every family to get a new car but I am sure that we can come up with a fair way to divvy up the unsold inventory.

Jscotty, Jan 11 2009


       I'd rather have free car insurance. I can afford a car, but as money isn't coming in I can't afford the insurance. I don't go long distances or gas money would be a problem, too. Hey, they got free bankruptcy insurance, the least they could do is give us free car insurance, for a limited time at least.
Spacecoyote, Jan 11 2009

       Those excess cars, the non producing assets are actually further burdening progress needed by the automakers.   

       .Money matters and economics are beyond me. Is the lack of consumer purchases not meeting the projected demands, exactly what the bailoutees are suffering from . Cars will soon be moving off lots like hot potatoe-battery powered jewels. When the green is on!   

       And I think that public awarness has hit a multi layered point of , shame on my SUV, with ' even the fuel costs are astonishingly telling me' a Hummer for each day of the week is a coal purchase idea, with my need for another car is actually being offset by my pending layoff, with Ill wait for the next version and the lower prices (akin to past decade where, by analogy, computer hardwares' exponential growth in muscle\speed performance,miniaturization and better GUIs, with price drops that boggle any outsiders senses) made possible even compulsive gadget freaks able to wait awhile for better less exspensive stuff. (reminds me of a South Park episode that a kid cryoed himself (deep frozen for later thaw). He had Wii obsession, unbearable to endure. He wanted to not deal with time waiting the pending public release. funny show). We now see an ownership of a car that might plug into the grid and potentially pay our electric bill DOWN a bit.   

       We know something will soon happen. So we wait and that adds to the demand for the bailout?   

       A bailout would afford lowering sale prices of the big USA Detroit automakers cars.   

       Smaller companies that were able to navigate cooperate policy ( or avoid it) well enough have sprung up. Inventors are now car companies. Pricing the green cars fair, not heavily abusing the novelty of eco green. Capitalizing with inflated prices in not everywhere. Good deals are not far off.   

       I know I tend to ramble. While at the same time holding a focus only i can fallow. '*Wishing for a better way of communicating'*   

       The deserving taxpayers might be allowed a few more options?   

       Trade in\sale their current ride. Give it to the automakers at pre-bailout bluebook. For futures options or an additional tax relief. Credit for road or gas tax of an equal value.   

       Or as the USD plummets in value and un-American money begins to visit more often, to ream their newly found power of exchange rated imbalance making their holiday monies go alot farther. Have our failed automakers offer rentals on the cheap. Using these traded in autos. ( hah that last bit is even a stretch for me to swallow)   

       In any event. It really would free the auto industry up. Allowing afresh start. Why worry about sales and inventory ... Focus on solving the reason the non producing assets are not already sold and coming in for the maintenance agreed services. Yea a bail out would help .. Or actually just giving away the overstock .   

       Anyway I liked the presentation you made.   

       So I did what I do.. Please accept a bun along with my Honest effort to not add anymore post to your good idea. No matter how inspired I get. I know what actually comes out of me is not so fun to read. [+]
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 11 2009

       Yeah, I would really like an electric car, except I don't think the college would like me plugging it into their outlets, so that will have to wait 'till I have a house.   

       I foresee problems in the future w/r/t hybrid cars. Nobody buys them anymore because they're expensive and uncool. They're not really green, especially when they inevitably have to be disposed of (think about it: most of them are big, they have 2 engines and a sh*tload of big batteries).
Spacecoyote, Jan 11 2009

       Thanks for your input everyone:) Surely there are many of us who have priorities that are greater than getting a new car. But the whole point of the matter is that they want our tax money and they have a bunch of cars that they can't sell. I'll gladly take a brand new '08-'09 vehicle until they can get the green cars into production.
Jscotty, Jan 11 2009

       Or you could just let them die and buy from a company that's already making (whatever your definition of) "green" vehicles.   

       Stuff like electric cars are pretty damn expensive yet due to lack of demand. It would be cool if the gov't subsidized those. Then the big automakers would either die already or be forced to shape up.   

       Its not like those unsold cars are going to go to waste, no matter what. Maybe some entrepreneur will buy them up, improve them, and resell.
Spacecoyote, Jan 11 2009

       //Maybe some entrepreneur will buy them up, improve them, and resell.// Perhaps they could be retrofitted with HHO kits?
Jscotty, Jan 13 2009


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