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Giant grabby arm

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This is like one of those machines in fairgrounds and amusement arcades which you put a coin in and can then control a grab claw on the end of an arm to pick up a toy, which you then win. However this is a big version suspended from the middle of the ceiling, capable of reaching into every corner of a room, and controlled from a panel near the door.

You'll never have to tell your children to tidy up their rooms again.
[Edit - clarification: - because this makes the job of room-tidying fun, not because your children will live in fear of the giant grabby arm].
hippo, Nov 26 2008

Just like this, but bigger http://www.red5.co....abber-2-pr-156.html
[hippo, Nov 28 2008]


       Hippo: How many kids do you have ? [-]
kamathln, Nov 26 2008

       Or did you have?
miasere, Nov 26 2008

       Hmm - re-reading this idea I see it is capable of misinterpretation. The giant grabby arm is designed for children to use, and to make the job of room-tidying fun. It was not meant to be a punishment, chasing them round the room snapping at their heels as they scream in terror.
hippo, Nov 26 2008

       You better edit the main idea.. I dont think people will look into every anno before voting. Flipping to [+]. And quite a misinterpretable description *that* was. Wheew.
kamathln, Nov 26 2008

       I like the punishment version. "No one can escape the Long Arm of The Claw."
xenzag, Nov 26 2008

       //It was not meant to be a punishment,//
But I'll lay money on the fact that [8/7] prefers that interpretation.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 26 2008

       excellent, [mary poppins] I mean [hippo]
po, Nov 26 2008

       // You'll never have to tell your children to tidy up their rooms again. //   

       Of course it can also be used to take toys out of the toy box. Getting them to use it to put them back could still be an issue.   

       Then of course there is the problem: "Mommy Jimmy is picking me up with the claw. Mommy Jimmy is picking his nose with the claw. Mommy Jimmy is ... "   

       May work better if you only have one child. But it still deserves a bun for the thought.
theGem, Nov 26 2008

       ...the cat's just never been the same.   

       Issue a standing invitation: neighbourhood kids can come over after playtime to see if they can grab any stray toys.   

       //You'll never have to tell your children to tidy up their rooms again.//
FishFinger, Nov 27 2008

       But much like the rigged versions in the carnivals and arcades, the kids will never actually pick up *anything*...
Jinbish, Nov 27 2008

       //rigged versions in the carnivals and arcades// Yes, those robot equivalents of the wet-fished handshake - never have I ever seen anything emerge from one of those twinkling bins of temptation.
zen_tom, Nov 27 2008


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