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Your oven's one kool kat
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One big problem with kitchen ovens -- you have to take stuff out of them -- and the oven door is typically in the way, while you have to grab something, typically pretty hot and heavy, and get it out safely onto a non- flammable, stain resistant surface.

Even putting stuff in is hardly convenient with the door in the way.

No doubt side doors and other arrangements exit, but here's a slightly different idea:

A pair of hinged clamp capable appendages, with 270 rotation degree capabilities, installed on the inside of the oven door.

You place the item to be cooked comfortably onto the oven door, clasp the appendages onto the same places on the vessel as where your hands would go.

As you close the door, the appendages swivel, allowing the vessel to remain upright as it settles onto the oven shelf.

The process repeats in reverse as you open the oven door, unclasp the appendages, and safely remove the cooked item.

theircompetitor, Feb 01 2012

Heathcliff cartoon http://www.google.c...f-8&channel=suggest
A kool Kat [csea, Feb 02 2012]


       How about going one stage further and employing one of those articulated robot arms?   

       You could sell a range of pans/containers/tins etc that use a proprietary coupling interface and corner the market on robot controlled kitchen goods and accessories.
zen_tom, Feb 01 2012

       What about a simple drawer in the oven? The whole shelf that the food is sitting on could slide straight out so you can easily pick up the food or set it down. The shelf could be attached to the door by one of these mechanisms to pull it open so you don't have to use your hands.
DIYMatt, Feb 02 2012

       [tc] I, for one, appreciate the cartoon cat reference. [link]   

       I am surprised that our resident Borg hasn't knee-jerk reacted with the usual screed.
csea, Feb 02 2012

       Ha, thx
theircompetitor, Feb 02 2012

       The HB cell of the Borg Collective are a bit busy at the moment, having been contracted by Alterorder Incorporated to work out a reasonable explanation for the recent dramatic increase in the number of life-sized inflatable Rudolf Hess dolls mysteriously appearing on the front lawn of the Heathen Institute for Inadvisably-Applied Science and Moose Linguistics.   

       Oh, and here's a bun for the oven thingy.
Alterother, Feb 03 2012


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