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Heated dresser drawers

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In the winter, my bedroom gets rather cold at night-and early in the morning. This doesn't really matter when I'm in bed, but when the alarm goes off (at about 6:00 AM) I take time to get up to begin with, and the fact that my room is cold, and I'm warm under the covers, only makes me delay getting out of bed more.

Not a problem anymore with a heated dresser. There are several heating elements inside to warm your clothes, so that your morning clothes will be warm when you get out of bed. The heater is controlled by a built in timer that is set by a knob somewhere, which you would presumably set to turn on about 30 minutes before you get up in the morning (similar to a light timer that causes a lamp to kick on and off at the times you set). The heater shuts off after a predetermined time has passed, or until you open the drawer. The temperature is regulated by a thermostat. For safety, there should be a secondary automatic overheat shutdown sensor in case the temperature goes too high due to a broken thermostat.

Dickcheney6, Feb 27 2009

Drying Cabinet http://www.staber.com/dryingcabinet
this might help [Laughs Last, Feb 28 2009]


       This is a definate seller. My knickers would be far less knotted far less frequently if they were nice and snuggly warm when I donned them.   

       Yay I say. Yay! +++++
blissmiss, Feb 27 2009

       I really don't want to heat 30 pairs of undies and then 30 pairs of socks, and then the stuff in my closet, but it's a good idea. I'd have to take the things I would be wearing that day and put them into a special heated drawer and ONLY if there was an air condioner setting for summer! so here's a warm bun...+
xandram, Feb 27 2009

       "I'd have to take the things I would be wearing that day and put them into a special heated drawer and ONLY if there was an air condioner setting for summer!"   

       Well obviously you can TURN OFF the heater when the forcast says it'll be warm the next day
Dickcheney6, Feb 27 2009

       [+] but could you make mine one of those clotheshorse things, please.
FlyingToaster, Feb 27 2009

       Take your next day's clothes into bed with you. Not wearing them to sleep in, but folded up and tucked into a corner of the bed. Then, in the morning, you wiggle your way into them, which gets you warmed up, frustrated, and not nekkid in the cold room.   

       Or, if you want to do it the sissy way, look for a heated towel rack/stand, such as this'n. "The Trafalgar is a free standing, portable plug-in heated towel stand, which can go in any indoor area, from laundry to mud / utility room or near a gym or sauna. It features horizontally mounted straight rails suspended between a heated arch (for warming robes and coats). A non-heated shelf is included for additional towel storage. Designed using a low energy Filatherm™ dry element, Warmrails will run safely and efficiently 24 hours a day for less than the cost of a regular light bulb. Perfect for warming towels in winter, but ideal for keeping towels dry and fresh year round. In addition, Warmrails can be used for drying laundry, including delicate hand washables, warming and drying coats, ski gear, blankets, pool towels and bathing suits etc."
baconbrain, Feb 28 2009

       Dickcheney6, unless your home is heated electrically, adding holes to the back for the purpose of heating the room is simply going to waste money and energy... heat from electrical resistance is one of the most wasteful and inefficient ways to heat one's home.   

       Furthermore, if you've got a thermostat (and from your description, you've got two thermostats), then you don't need holes to prevent overheating.   

       Instead of adding holes, you'd be better off adding insulation (to reduce the amount of electricity the device consumes).   

       However, that aside, I do think it's a good idea.   

       There have been lots of mornings when I wished that my clothes had that warm, fresh out of the dryer, feeling.   

       xandram -- I think you're crazy to want to put on chilled clothes, even on a hot summer day... furthermore, a clothes are conditioner would cost much more than a clothes heater, and would make quite a bit of noise, too. (I'll admit that it could also reduce the cost of heating the clothes, by acting as a heat pump, but it would still be noisy, and would still cost more upfront than a device using electrical resistance)
goldbb, Mar 01 2009

       How about a suit carrier bag you can plug in?   

       Or a controlled heater you can place at the bottom of a suit carrier bag hanging in a closet.   

       Or placed in the sock drawer of your dresser.   

       The front desk at the hotel could have these heaters for loan.
popbottle, May 11 2014

       I just got the exact same idea, and thought it might be an actual thing so I Googled “heated dresser” before posting it to the Halfbakery. This was the first result.
ytk, Dec 29 2015


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