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Household cloud

New homes with clouds
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Personal cloud storage is all the rage, but suppose every new house/apartment complex came with a big one wired and fitted into a coolish utility area. Housing is typically built and offered with basic appliances anyway, stove and oven, water heater. Why not a cloud?

In this manner residences could contribute to the overall global storage. Perhaps ten terabytes per unit x 100 buildings = 1 petabyte in that neighborhood. The homeowner/building owner would get a utility credit for contributing their unit to the hive.

whatrock, Dec 14 2015


       Installing a new computer near the heat of a stove or the wet of a water heater is not long run practical plan. A separate building near the community fail safely electric power backup generator or battery is a better location for your cloud.
popbottle, Dec 14 2015

       Was hoping for low level controllable weather.
the porpoise, Dec 14 2015


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