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Girlfriend Advice

Style advice for guys who have no clue from the people who do.
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As a guy with little to no fashion sense I would rank shopping for new cloths on par with visits to the dentist or preparing my tax return. My girlfriend on the other hand enjoys nothing better than spending a Saturday pointing out 20 different styles of hats which she thinks I should like. My idea is to develop a website where guys (stylee) can buy cloths and outfits which have been suggested by other non-bias users (styler).

Basically the guy would upload a profile outlining the occasion, budget and preferences. Other users would then be able to style the guy by picking out cloths from a database of supplies. The guy would then rate and comment on the results submitted from the styler. Should he like any of the suggestions he would have the option of buying the cloths via the website.

The guy is happy because he gets the latest style without having to go shopping. The styler get to express their style advice and receives feedback for the suggestions and it is for both parties to use.

Melbourne, Jan 12 2009

Queer Eye http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queer_Eye
[xandram, Jan 13 2009]


       [sp: clothes - cloths are fabrics, clothes are finished pants, shirts, etc.; also, insert my usual rant about unnecessary gender-specificity.]   

       World-Wide Makeover? With the right set of commentators, this could become entertaining, educational, and a hit with advertisers. It would still be nice to see the stylee try on the clothes for real.
jutta, Jan 12 2009

       yeah because women who will happily give you fashion advice whether they're SO's, friends, relatives or perfect strangers are so rare....
FlyingToaster, Jan 12 2009

       A yahoo answers type of setup,for fashion. The Stylee would get differing feedback depending on the base category the inquires was submitted into. If I wanted to wear clothes and accessories to feel confident my look befit my intent within many different circles. For example, If my chosen circle was ( this example is solely used for a funnier example .. IMHO, and is not intended detract from my real belief in this idea) the street hustle scene. I could choose from a few desired looks. Each look should gain a defined feedback when worn in that circle. If my choice was to no, no, not be profiled as out of place by local peace officers, then the sagging pants and a large sports jersey with a baseball cap worn slightly askew. Or If my qualifier chosen was to be less safe, while more Hip, in that street creed circle, then a worthy Styler would add a full rack and 50 gold chains.   

       Stylers get kudos . If not revshare for ad monies.
Sir_Misspeller, Jan 12 2009

       I may have seen this at yahoo answers there people are directing each other to social outfit (garment) choice sites these social sites are available to anybody
beanangel, Jan 12 2009

       Just listen to the girlfriend, she knows. Plus she is the only one you want to look good for so you might as well adopt her style.
zeno, Jan 12 2009

       I don't think the guys with no "fashion sense" (me) would ever utilize this site. We have no fashion sense because we have no interest in fashion.   

       The second you start to give a damn, you've already turned to the dark side.
Laimak, Jan 13 2009

       If you stand in the middle of a shop, any shop and switch between #129 "Dazed and Confused" and the basic #142 "Puppy Dog", then as long as you're reasonably clean and remembered to put pants on before you left the house it won't take long to get assistance... the male version of "Woman With Flat Tire in Rain".
FlyingToaster, Jan 13 2009

       I hate to point this out as it shows that I know more than is strictly necessary about clothes (i.e. that you should wear some) but you would need the facility to upload your photo and give your dimensions. Hair/skin colour and body type dictate what you should/shouldn't wear. Apparently.
wagster, Jan 13 2009

       ...doesn't *Queer Eye for the Straight Guy* do stuff like this??
[see link]
xandram, Jan 13 2009

       I didn't think anyone doubted that there are makeover shows - the idea is to do it remotely and distributed.
jutta, Jan 13 2009

       '/'A girlfriend (as opposed to 'girl friend') has a vested interest in making you look like you're owned rather than attractive. //   

       Hold on here. A(ny real) girlfriend also has a vested interest in making you look like a good catch (and not like a schlub or an idiot). I'd take her advice, unless she wants you to wear a leather collar...to a restaurant.
Boomershine, Oct 06 2010


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