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Give Meaningless Holidays Meaning

Add extra hour at night for sleeping
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All holidays in the United States should have excitement surrounding them. I mean, Flag Day? What the hell is that thing? How can we possibly get excited for Columbus Day?

I propose a Congressional Bill that would give holidays like Flag Day, Columbus Day and President's Day an additional hour at night, similar to daylight savings, so Americans can get a better sleep and, thus, giving better and more realistic meaning to the days themselves.

JimmyPiper, Dec 09 2003

UK Bank and Public Holidays http://www.dti.gov.uk/er/bankhol.htm
You think your holidays are meaningless? At least you don't have Early May Bank Holiday. (Department of Trade and Industry website.) [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004]


       You can add 2 hours for Grandparent's Day too.
JimmyPiper, Dec 09 2003

       When do we give the hour back? …or should we just allow our clocks and calendars to quickly fall behind?
luecke, Dec 09 2003

       We would gladly look into the 'losing an hour on the clock issue' within due time. However, this legislation should not be defeated because it messes up the entire world's sense of what 8pm means.   

       Alright fine, lets just get rid of 4-5pm hour the next day in order to make up for the additional hour given at night. Nobody likes that hour anyways as it's always the longest hour of the work day. There, I've just killed 2 birds with one stone.
JimmyPiper, Dec 09 2003

       "Meaningless" holidays have meaning. If you choose not to get it, it's your problem.
waugsqueke, Dec 09 2003

       Anything that messes with time sounds good to me. +
flyfast, Dec 10 2003

       Perhaps an hour Grace period for the beginning of all jobs.. You can come in if you want, but if you wish to "celebrate" your "holiday" you can take that hour, do what you will and not get in trouble for it.. Although I don't think you should get paid for this.
v0rtexx, Dec 10 2003

       Why not just give everybody the day off? Don't you already get loads of exciting days off in the USA? Think yourself lucky with all your Labor Days and Washington's Birthday and Martin Luther King's Birthday and stuff: in Britain we have the Early May Bank Holiday, Spring Bank Holiday, and Summer Bank Holiday, and that's it.   

       (Although, what exactly is the point of Columbus Day? You might as well celebrate Mick O'Toole who came over to the New World in 1908; at least he might have set foot in the USA. Surely you could rename it to the far cooler-sounding Erik The Red Day (yes, I know he only got to Greenland).)
kropotkin, Dec 10 2003

       You forgot Boxing day [kropotkin]. And if the current campaign gets it's way, we will soon have St. George's day (which we should, I think).
squeak, Dec 10 2003

       The rest of our European friends or anyone else in the world is welcome to propose to their governments for a similar idea so we can all get on the same schedules by the end of the year. If not, lets just ditch Leap Day or something. This idea will happen no matter how many people overanalyze it.
JimmyPiper, Dec 10 2003

       Flag Day is not a holiday, but NYC does have a cute little parade that day.
DrCurry, Dec 10 2003

       but where did the extra hours come from? its not like we can change the speed the earth circles the sun to get them.
Space-Pope, Dec 10 2003

       So now there will be people trying to make a new holiday every day?   

       "Hey, the motor oil is leaking out of my car! it's officially Poisonous Rainbow Puddle Day!!! I'm gonna go take a nap."   

       "Today is the anniversary of 'My First Time!' I'll go to bed early!"
spacecadet, Dec 10 2003


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